Nov 5, 2013

3 Easy Ways To Make Facial Chemical Peels

As the name of this article suggests, chemical peels made with loads of chemicals are usually known to cause some kind of harm to your skin. We understand that removing blemishes is an important task and that chemical peels are known to do a wonderful job at doing just that, but it's still important to be cautious. 

However, it is important to realize that chemical peels should not be done on a regular basis. Also, when you are thinking of opting for chemical peels, ensure that you buy them from a company you trust so that at least you know that you are applying a reputable product on your skin. 

Another option is to make these chemical peels at home. They are simple to make and the best part is that if you make them at home the will not contain chemicals of any kind that might harm or damage your skin.

Cucumber Peel: 
The best part about this is that it is made with ingredients that are readily available at home. Every home is known to have cucumbers and as a result this is simple peel that can be made readily by anyone and everyone at home. It is a natural peel and once applied will help your skin to look tighter, smoother and softer.This cucumber peel is known to be made with cucumber, chamomile tea, natural gelatin and aloe vera pulp.

AHA Chemical Peel:
This is another chemical peel that you can try at home. For this type of peel you need to mix sugar cane juice and yogurt in a bowl. Add glycolic acid and milk that contains lactic acid. Apply the mixture of sugar and yogurt on the skin till it dries up. Once dry take it off by splashing cold water on your face..

BHA Chemical Peel:
With this peel you need to mix baking soda and water in a bowl. Let it rest for some time and then you add neutralizer to the acid component. You can also add aspirin in the mixture to do the trick. For added benefit you can add lemon juice. Lemon juice is known to have an acidic component that ensures that the skin lightens when you apply the peel on your face. The idea is to ensure that the BHA chemical peel made at home can be applied on the face and left on your face for up to 5 to 10 minutes at a time. After leaving it on your face for that length of time, you can easily wash it off with water.

The only thing that you need to remember about these homemade chemical peels is to ensure that you make them fresh and apply them on your face. Try and not make these peels in bulk and store them as it might go bad and cause damage to your delicate skin. Also, ensure that you do a patch test before application.

Molly Garner is a beautician by profession. She is sharing her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly writes on health or skin care related articles. Currently she is contributing article on behalf of CoLaz Beauty Salon they offer Skin Blemishes, hair removal and beauty treatments.

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