Nov 14, 2013

Caribbean: the finest destination to rekindle your relationship

Diverse and Fascinating are words that can describe Caribbean perfectly. Some of it lounges are ideal for walking and driving in the green lush rain forest. While some are placed strategically for sight-seeing and get away, others are just perfect for partying. On the islands a common phenomenon awaits you: warm temperature, clear waters and white sands.

A holiday in the Caribbean islands is the best idea a newlywed could have in their minds. This is because Caribbean is a home away from home. With the calmness of nature, the aesthetic beauty of the ocean and the beaches and great resorts and hotels, one could never expect more!

The Bahamas 
Accessible by a marine taxi, an airplane or a cruise ship. Bahamas is less than 200miles off the coastline of Miami. In Bahamas, Nassau and Freeport are the shopping areas. With the white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue waters, you can have peace of mind in this nature’s beauty place. Grand Bahama international Airport is the right place for flight information. While at Nassau, you can also try some breath taking activities such as shark diving, and the great water sports package. Staying in Bahamas Atlantis Bay and Sandals Emerald Bay can be a real great experience due to their welcoming hospitality.

Once visited nobody ever forget this serene place ringed by beaches and the air filled with the finest reggae tunes of all time. This mountainous piece of heaven has great places to visit with lots of fun activities such as calm sea snorkeling, river rafting climbing the Blue Mountains for great site seeing and visiting the dolphin coves. While in Jamaica, sports also come as an enjoyable activity especially in the Half Moon golf tennis and beach club and the Couple’s Resort where you can stay. You can also know more about the culture and history associated with the islands by visiting their museums.

Puerto Rico
Probably the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is the place you ought to take your lover for relaxing session. In San Juan, the activities never die with the day joining the night at high voltage of activities. San Juan offers great activities such as visiting its cobblestone streets and basking in the sun. Some other attractions are such as the bioluminescent bay, the El Yunque rainforest and the underground cave park of Rio Camuy.

Some of its great hotels are Hotel El Conento, El Conquistador, El San Juan and Horned Dorset Primavera.

Also referred to as a tourists trap because of its catchiness. With clear coral filled waters and great beach front villas, make it an exceptional. A sneak to the little beach will leave you fascinated and not want to leave the place. Catch the moon splash music festivals in March at Anguila. There are also great water sports and sun bathing to try. The best hotels here are Cap Julca which is a calm one and rest on miles of sandy beaches, Viceroy Anguilla which has a great contemporary architecture which blends perfectly with the beaches of Anguilla. Others are such as the Paradise Cove resort, Anguilla Great house, Allamanda beach club and many more.

This is another Caribbean classic. An affordable place with a five-mile long beach, Belize is the place to go for holiday especially for newlyweds who seek pleasure and a new experience. The main mode of transport here is by bicycle or by foot. With great wave and a smoothly warming sun, you can escape the hustles and bustles of your daily boring life and give Belize a visit. Coco Beach Resort, X’tan Ha Resort, Almond beach resort are some accommodation places of great value in Belize.

Foodie highlights
All these islands have a common meal with local sea foods, conch fritters, Escovitch fich, chicken, curry goat, Arawak cay (fish fry), stewed fish and local delicacy being the most tantalizing. Fruits such as mangoes coconuts, pineapples and papaws are also available in the menu.

All these luxurious places make you relax after crumpling wedding arrangements and the hustles that one usually has to make during the period when they are arranging the wedding.Get the flight details make your own way with best information to make your travel a pleasant and top-notch experience.

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