Nov 22, 2013

Convenient Real-Estate: The Meaning of Move-In Ready

One term floating around the real estate business is the description “move-in ready” when it comes to homes. In best case scenarios, a home is move-in ready when it needs no work in order for it to be livable. Many homebuyers these days don’t have the time or energy to purchase a home to fix up, even though houses waiting to be improved are less costly than a move-in ready home. How do you know if a house is move-in ready? It’s easy enough to spot cosmetic changes that have been made, but they may be masking a much deeper issue that you can’t see – and will require much more money and time to fix. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your home is truly move-in ready.

Hire a Professional

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If that price that can’t be beat is featured on a move-in ready home, it’s time to call a professional in order to make sure you’re getting what you think you are. Check the roof, electrical, water heater, plumbing, foundation, and any other major elements of the house. These are far more expensive things to fix than renovating a bathroom or re-flooring an entire home. They are also some of the more difficult elements to detect by simply visiting and touring a house. Invest money into hiring professionals who can give you an honest assessment of the house. It could save you from deep financial hardship in the future.

Consider the Weather

A home may look beautiful and perfect in the spring or summer, but if you live in areas where winters are cold or harsh and are looking to find homes for sale in Michigan, your house may not be as move-in ready as you think it is. Check insulation, the state of the windows and doors, and the roof. Find out how old the heating system is and how efficient it works. Winter is the worst time to regret a housing decision.

Paint and Carpet

Paint and carpet are easy and relatively inexpensive fixes. You can hire professionals to come in and do them in a matter of days. Don’t let these elements dissuade you from purchasing a home that has good internal elements. These homes might be more move-in ready than you think they are.

So do your research ahead of time so that you will be prepared when looking for a home. At first glance a home may appear to be move-in ready, but if you make a list and bring it with you while looking at homes you will be more likely to spot other issues that you normally would not spot. Be wise but don’t be too picky – there’s definitely a home that will be move-in ready thanks to your research and new knowledge in housing. 

About the Author: Jessica is currently looking for a new house. She thought she would get a head start by doing her research so her ideal home is move-in ready. 

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