Nov 3, 2013

Skin Tone Infographic from Fair and Flawless

If you’ve ever wondered how some people can look so radiant in yellow, yet you look downright jaundiced in the same shade, you’re not alone. It’s not just a matter of how light or dark your skin is—the underlying tone makes a huge difference in whether or not certain colors are wearable for you.

For example, when you’re picking out foundation, you want to make sure that you’re picking a formula that’s not only the right shade, but also is the right tone. Putting a pinkish-based tint on golden undertones will make you white and ghostly; putting yellow-toned foundation over pinkish skin can result in looking like an Oompa-Loopma (well, not quite that dramatic, but you get the picture).

This infographic from Fair and Flawless helps you figure out your skin tone so that you can pick out the right makeup to seamlessly blend into your skin. It also takes it one step further by adding in the extra dimension of hair and eye color. You may have the same underlying skin tone as your sister, but if you have dramatically different hair colors, you probably can’t share that lilac sweater. Read on to find out if blues are right for you, or if reds would suit you better.

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