Jan 1, 2014

Tips to Save Money on a Winter Wedding

June remains a perennial favorite among brides-to-be, and the fall months continue to gain steam. However, popular months bring higher prices, reduced availability and less flexibility from vendors, causing many budget-minded couples to choose winter weddings instead. Because fewer couples get married in the winter, it’s possible to score fantastic deals and negotiate prices to stay within your budget.

Expect the Unexpected: Plan for the Elements

Depending on the part of the country you live in, the winter months may be cool, mild or may bring freezing temperatures and bone-chilling wind. Consider unpredictable weather the rule, rather than the exception. If you live in a colder climate, ask your reception site how frequently they plow the snow, whether they have backup generators in case the power goes out in a storm and how warmly they heat the building. Ask about ventilation to ensure that your venue remains comfortably warm without becoming stuffy.
Warn guests about the expected weather conditions, mentioning that they may need winter coats or sturdy shoes. If you’re planning to offer wedding favors, pashminas or umbrellas are chic options that serve double duty as practical accessories if the weather turns sour.

Negotiate With Vendors

In most areas of the country, getting married in December or January is significantly less expensive than a summer wedding. After inquiring about a vendor’s basic pricing structure, ask about discounts due to seasonality. It’s important not to undercut a person’s prices or undervalue their skills and labor, but many vendors offer a bit of wiggle room in the wedding low season. If a vendor can’t come down on price, ask if they could add something extra to a standard package. Perhaps your photographer is willing to arrive an hour early or the florist will make an extra bouquet for you to toss.

Use the Holiday Season to Score Great Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just for holiday shopping; they’re also great opportunities to save big on wedding goods. For example, craft stores like Michael’s offer dramatic Black Friday savings that allow you to stock up on ribbons, faux greenery and candles for centerpieces. Similarly, if you’re providing your own table linens to save money over renting, Macy’s Black Friday deals can save you hundreds of dollars. Just click here to browse Macy's deals on jewelry, beauty items and more for your wedding.

Know Your Options for Photography

In the middle of winter, you won’t get those beautiful summery photos with barefoot bridesmaids walking on the beach. Keep in mind the weather when considering your photography options. Scout out an attractive indoor location to take some wedding photos. For example, local art museums, historic buildings and conservatories make photogenic backdrops for your pictures. If you have your heart set on an outdoor location, choose wisely. Find a place that's easy to drive to and doesn’t require much walking from the vehicle. Find coordinating coats or scarves to keep your wedding party warm and produce some memorable photos.

Serve Hot Beverages

Get creative with winter drink options to delight your guests while saving some money. In the chillier months, guests are more likely to drink coffee, hot chocolate or eggnog than alcoholic drinks. For an adult twist, offer coffee spiked with Bailey’s, hot chocolate with a splash of whiskey or eggnog cocktails to create classy hot winter drinks.

Beverly Farrell
Beverly is a party planner for weddings and events. She started her own business in a cabin in the woods.


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