Dec 19, 2013

Stylish Solutions for Every Body Type

With seasons changing and winter right around the corner, take the time to arm yourself with some helpful knowledge to pick out the right cold-weather clothes for your body type. We’re all shaped differently, and if you’re spending money, why not spend it the smart way on clothes that fit you, look great and make you feel confident.

Top Heavy

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If you’re top heavy, the first thing you want to do is make sure you are wearing the right bra (this actually goes for any body type). Many retailers offer bra fittings for free to help you find the most comfortable fit and make your silhouette the best it can be. Next, choose shirts that are structured and form fitting. Baggy, flowy and loose-fitting shirts will only make you look larger and won’t show off your curves. A form-fitting sequin tank is great for top heavy girls because it gives you holiday sparkle, and looks great under a jacket or cardigan. Also, don't be afraid of shapewear. You would be surprised how many women swear by it — including celebs! — and you can find camisoles that look nothing like traditional shapewear that match almost any outfit.

Bottom Heavy

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For bottom-heavy girls, it’s all about showing off your waist! Take the tips from top-heavy girls for shirts and go with form-fitting. As for bottoms, pencil skirts are flattering and will create an elongated figure. Stay away from frilly skirts that add more volume. If you're not particularly fond of skirts, try a tailored pant. If you choose a cropped style, it’s important to have a little bit of a heel to keep the legs looking longer and leaner. For casual Friday, try a skinny jean in a dark wash that has some stretch with a cute pair of printed flats. There are a vast array of affordable women’s shoes online you can match perfectly with the pant you choose.

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Bring eyes up by wearing a statement necklace or a scarf to balance everything out. Remember, it's not about hiding any part of your body, it's about drawing attention to your best features.


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Slim cropped pants look great on petites along with long, wide-leg pants. If you’re petite, wide-leg pants create length and are a funky way to dress up a work or casual outfit. Petites can wear dark or light washes, depending on their mood, but with a dark wash, jeans can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. With wide-leg pants, make sure your top isn’t too long or baggy. A cute, form-fitting T-shirt is a great piece to have because you can layer it with a cardigan and scarf and it can also do double duty in the spring and summer when paired with a statement necklace.


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You're a lucky lady because when you shop you're strictly looking for clothes that emphasize your hour glass figure. Just make sure not to take this too far and go too tight! If you do choose a tighter pant, make sure to wear a longer shirt to elongate your waist and proportion your top and bottom. If you want to go tighter up top, choose a wrap dress that cinches at the waist and flows out from there. The hardest part of dressing a curvy girl is making sure all items hit you where they should and nothing tugs or pulls, according to Harper's Bazaar. Your tailor will be your new best friend!

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