Dec 26, 2013

The New Social Acceptance of Electronic Cigarettes


It used to be everywhere in Hollywood stars would take "iconic" photos smoking their cig and would be seen at their latest movie taking a break while smoking. Actually, I still see a lot of these photos crop up today. The same has gone for a large part of our population. For years smoking has been deemed a way to look cool, fit in, stay relaxed, and take "the edge off" whatever life ails you. The act of smoking and not to mention this look has most definitely gone through the decades as something that is trendy, acceptable, and common.

Recently there has been an alternative to smoking and there now is a way to get nicotine without smoking traditional cigarettes. Today a new wider social acceptance of electronic cigarettes aka vapor smoking has taken place. I've never tried smoking and I've yet to try electronic cigarettes from, but I think it's interesting that people are using electronic cigarettes today more than ever.

Let's discuss the benefits of electronic cigarettes:

Ditch the "Smokey" Smell

A scent from cigarette smoke seems to cling to about anything it comes in contact with, such as your hair, car, clothes, and everything. If you're a seasoned smoker then over time the smell may not be prevalent to you, but it's definitely noticeable to others. On the other hand electronic cigarettes do not have this odor because instead of inhaling smoke, you're exhaling a vapor that evaporates. Many non-smokers have reported that the smell from an e-cig does not exist and that it even smells like pop tarts and not to mention they also offer vapor flavors such as strawberry mist!


Stay Safe

When people smoke they are "burning" tobacco and also use an open flame to light it. Due to this factor cigarettes are easy serious fire hazards. Did you know that fires started by lighting a cigarette cause 10% of all fire-related deaths? With e-cigarettes you're not burning an open flame which means you can't get burned and a fire will not start. You're staying safe and not subjecting your loved ones to smoke and potential flames.


Using e-cigs from 21st Century Smoke are much cleaner than using traditional cigarettes. As stated earlier, with e-cigs you don't have to worry about smoke getting into your hair, clothes, and basically everything that happens when using traditional cigarettes. The vapor from e-cigs evaporates almost immediately and there is no smell. What's more, e-cigs not only are cleaner, but they are more affordable as well.

Have you used e-cigarettes before and what do you think of this new social acceptance?


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