Dec 15, 2013

Tips for Keeping Your House Warm in the Colder Months 

Winters can be long, cold, and expensive in many parts of the nation, and homeowners and renters alike bemoan the high cost of both gas and electric heating. Electricity and gas bills skyrocket nationwide every winter, and smart homeowners strive to find creative ways to lessen the cost of staying comfortably warm. If you’re feeling chilly and can’t seem to get you and your home to warm up, here are a few ideas to help make your house warm without spending a lot of money.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Clothing choice obviously makes a big difference in how warm you are, and inside is no different than outside. If the temperature in your house is still bearable, simply put on more layers of clothing before reaching for the thermostat. A thick pair of socks, a warm robe, a cozy blanket, and even a down vest are great and comfortable options to keep you toasty. It may seem annoying but if you’re trying to save money this is an easy solution. If you feel temped to turn the temp up, remind yourself that an investment in these clothing items will be far less expensive in the long run than running your heat at a higher temperature.

Consider the Least Expensive Option
Space heaters can be a quick fix for a cold room, but if you use a space heater for more than a few hours every month, your electric bill can quickly increase. If your home lacks a central heating system, or much of a heating system at all, invest in a space heater that uses power efficiently and can quickly warm a room. Older homes are often drafty, but they often have fireplaces and wood stoves. If you don’t want to deal with the wood and soot of a conventional fireplace, have it replaced with a gas fireplace that you can flip on with a switch. Gas fire places are easier to maintain and control, and they do quickly fill a room with warmth. Gas is also typically less expensive than electricity. Check these guys out for great fireplace options. 

Think Old-Fashioned

Generations of people have been enduring winters for years, and even before electricity was an option, many folks were able to keep warm. Consider what your ancestors did to keep warm – many of these items are still available for your use. Hot water bottles keep the feet warm at night, cooking dinner in the oven will help heat the kitchen, heavy quilts, and hot baths are all great options for warming up when the weather gets cold. Use the money you save toward a warm, sunny beach vacation.

About the author: Samantha enjoys writing about ways to keep a family’s home warm during the winter since she recently purchased a home of her own.

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  1. Great tips. I love wrapping up warm in the winter, or putting the heating on in just one room.


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