Jan 29, 2014

Getting Back to Health & Fitness Basics

When it comes to weight loss and working out regularly, these have always been a struggle of mine. After college I weighed around 120 which of course I was very happy with, but after my ex boyfriend dumped me when I was 22 my weight went up and then back down when I meant BK. Over the years I stayed so happy with BK (you know what they say once you're content lol) that my weight went up again. I don't like to call myself a yo-yo dieter but I have to say maintaining a consistent healthy weight has always been a challenge of mine. Don't get me wrong, I haven't ever gained 50 pounds, but even gaining 30 pounds can be a lot on a smaller frame like mine. Last year I lost 17 pounds, but unfortunately due to the holidays I gained 5 of those back. At this point I would like to get back on track both with eating healthy and working out regularly but the question is how? Here are some ideas to get me going (and hopefully you too if you're having the same struggles):

Stop Making Excuses

I am the queen of excuses. Are you? Lately with having a new puppy I have had an even harder time getting myself to the gym. They never tell you having a puppy is like being a new mom in some ways! Right now Candy is too small to leave alone since she is only 4 months (well I can but she disturbs my neighbors with her cries poor thing) and doggy daycare costs can add up. So instead I've opted for lots of walks with her and Pilates at my apartment. However, this is nothing like the high intensity work outs I used to do. As Candy gets older I hope I can figure out a way to get my regular fitness schedule back. Oh how I miss it but I wouldn't trade my puppy for the world! ;) Until then my goal is to go to one high intensity workout class a week and incorporate lots of walks and Pilates at home.

It's Okay to Use Supplements

Yes, you read that correctly. I am not against the dreaded word "diet pills" or supplements, that is if they are used carefully and sparingly. I've used them and they have worked for me. Sometimes they give me a nice push when I am struggling to lose that one stubborn pound that could get me motivated again, so I've tried a few that work effectively. I would not suggest using supplements that make you lose all of the nutrition you are eating. The idea is to have a nice push without harming your body. I would also like to try TRIMSPA diet supplements.

Make a Plan

I think another problem of mine is that I don't always write down a plan in my planner before the week begins. I need to write down my meals and also make a workout plan! I am always more apt to workout and follow through on a plan if it is staring me in the face. Aren't you the same way? I also could schedule it on my planner and that way a reminder would pop on my iPhone regularly. I think I will do this pronto!

So if you need that extra push to lose that stubborn weight or work out more regularly like me stop making excuses! Friends and family can motivate you, you can start easy by walking regularly (like I am doing), and you can also try TRIMSPA diet pills and other healthy supplements if you need the extra push. Let me know how you progress with your new plan and I'll do the same!


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