Feb 2, 2014

Black Diamonds = Elegant Head Turners

When you think of certain kinds of jewelry, it is the typical and the usual that comes to mind. For instance, when you say "ring" you think of engagement ring and that most commonly means a diamond. A simple, white diamond, often with other diamonds surrounding it or encircling the band is the most common symbol of eternal love.

But, there are other options for everything from engagement rings to cocktail rings and pendants, with colored stones like the Front Jewelers gemstone engagement ring (which made a huge leap into the hearts of many jewelry collectors recently). And, among those colored stones is the dramatic, and highly unexpected, black diamond.

Why We Love the Diamond

Diamonds have been mined and used for a variety of uses for more than three thousand years. The word itself comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means unconquerable. The diamond is said to be one of the hardest materials in the world. The black diamond is actually an enhanced diamond and if you look very closely, you will see that most, if not all, are actually a very deep green color rather than a true black. There are some naturally occurring black diamonds but those are very rare, indeed.

Black Diamond Pieces and What To Wear Them With


There are more than a few, very famous black diamond pieces. Most use the black diamond as an accent to the more common white diamond; however, in some of the pieces, the black stone is the central focal point. Actress, dancer and model Carmen Electra was once spotted with an exquisite black diamond ring, created from a black diamond that was more than ten carats in size. That stone was surrounded by smaller, white diamonds on an 18 carat, white gold band. Dramatic and showy, the ring was often the only jewelry that Electra wore on that hand because she wanted it to be the star. A sliver thin, black diamond bracelet might be a nice piece to wear with it on a very special occasion.

Another, very famous black diamond became part of the plot line of the movie, Sex and the City 2. When Carrie Bradshaw was given her engagement ring, it was a stunning, five carat black diamond. But rings are not the only option for black diamonds. A gorgeous pendant was created in the design of a single die. The large piece, meant to be worn by a man, features white diamonds with all of the numbers represented by black diamonds. It would be a perfect piece for all of the high rollers in your life.

Choosing a Black Diamond Piece


There are some people who might be intimidated by a black diamond, thinking that they are just too dramatic or even too Gothic in nature. But, there are many pieces that are simple and elegant, without being too much. If you don't want a ring, a pretty necklace, bracelet or even a small pin can be a perfect way to ease into wearing colored stones.

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