Feb 27, 2014

Spring into Fashion with Leggings

For as long as I can remember I've always loved wearing leggings. The reason why is because not only do they happen to go with everything, they're super comfortable, flattering, and you can wear them during any season. My mom always thinks they'd be too warm to wear, but if you get cotton leggings they're breathable and actually keep you pretty cool. 

There are many other reasons I love leggings that I'm about to delve into, and it just so happens that rue21 has a wide variety of leggings that I adore. Let's take a look at the leggings they have available that I want stat and I'll explain even more reasons why I adore leggings. I happen to think that they're the perfect item of clothing to wear throughout spring:

Fun Patterns

Fun patterns make an outfit really pop, which is why I love trendy leggings like these stencil striped leggings pictured below. I would love to wear these leggings with a basic grey or pink dress and a pair of wedges. This outfit would also look lovely for spring because of the fun colors and they would really stand out. What's more, they're definitely colors that I would love to wear during the spring time and beyond. Printed leggings that come with beautiful prints and patterns are always fun to add to any outfit. 

Rue21.com also has a variety of other leggings, from tribal leggings to baroque leggings. They're great if you need some extra pizazz added to your outfit or just happen to prefer a lot of fun patterns. 

Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Fashion

Going back to comfort, comfortable fashion has always been a big deal to me. If something isn't comfortable I have a hard time wearing it. I'm not one of those girls who will sacrifice comfort for fashion, which means I hardly ever wear really high heels, tight pants that show every inch of my body, or a really low top just because it's "fashionable". I'd much rather be comfortable and feel okay with what I am wearing, which is why leggings are perfect. They don't "show too much skin" and they're also still really trendy and comfy, especially if they're made of cotton or spandex. Some can be really tight, but that's why it's perfect to wear a lose shirt up top or a dress, that way you're more covered up top but your leggings will still stand out.

Anyway, not to go off on a tangent about sacrificing comfort for fashion, but I am a firm believe that any fashionista can indeed find fashionable clothing that she can be comfortable in. It's just so much easier to feel comfortable in your own skin while wearing comfy clothing that lasts!  



  1. you look awesome! love those leggings of yours and those others are pretty cool, too!

  2. pretty colourful leggings :)

  3. oooh these patterns are delightful.


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