Feb 21, 2014

Why I Crave Yoga & Working Out

Ever since I tried Yoga several years back I haven't stopped loving it. There was something about it that captivated me and I loved that I could just go to a studio, challenge my body in ways I never had before, and relax during a challenging yet invigorating class. Not to mention I've always loved finding Yoga pants and other athletic clothing that makes me feel beautiful and comfortable while I'm at a Yoga or cardio class. 

Yoga and cardio classes have become a refuge to me when life gets busy, and that's why I'd really like for it to be a bigger part of my life again, which means me being more consistent. Since my life has been so crazy busy with me moving, spending time with my family and new puppy Candy, I need to find a way to incorporate it again as well as working out regularly. Unfortunately my time to workout has disappeared, and that needs to change. Here's what I have in mind to change that:

Wearing Sassy Activewear

Since I've always looked to fashionable activewear to motivate me to head to workout classes and Yoga, I got excited when I recently came across the site Sweaty Betty. They have excellent Yoga wear that I can't wait to wear. In particular I am loving their Chandrasana Yoga Leggings. These leggings come in an attractive offshore print. What's more they are made with flattering flatlocked seams and a deep elasticated waistband, which I think will be helpful for hiding those problem areas. ;) I can't wait to get a pair of these Yoga pants and other active wear because they will be ideal as an added style statement during my Yoga practice.

Ask Friends to Keep Me Accountable

I think for me I need some sort of accountability, which will help me stay on track. It's easy for me to stray and use life as an excuse not to workout, but the truth is I love staying active and going to Yoga, and it's up to me to make it happen. I think that friends can help me stay accountable by giving me a gentle reminder that I need to make time to workout because it's something that improves my life in a positive way. I already have a few friends in mind that I'm going to ask to help keep me accountable.

Make a Schedule

Last week I told my brother I had a workout schedule (my brother is a trainer), but I have yet to follow through with it. Starting next week (or sooner!) I am going to follow through with this schedule. My schedule so far includes going to two cardio classes a week and hopefully one Yoga class a week as well. The other two days a week I will be doing my Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD and taking Candy for a half an hour walk. This means I will be working out four days a week and also working on my diet! I certainly have my work cut out for me lol. I'm just happy that I'll have friends, a schedule, and attractive workout apparel to keep me motivated. This plan of action will help me follow through with my goals and remember just how much I love Yoga, and my other workout classes. 


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  1. I recently took up yoga - about a month ago - and I've really been enjoying it! I definitely need a better work out schedule though.


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