Apr 10, 2014

Practical Tips on Getting Hired

Being without a job is certainly not only risky, but absolutely terrifying while living in a city or by yourself. You know you can only count on yourself and that nothing you do can alleviate that. While different jobs have different requirements, all of them share some basic characteristics when it comes to obtaining a position within a company. The following tips aim to provide a simple, yet useful set of rules to follow during your job searching phase. We begin with:


Being organized is one of the most important aspects of a proper job search. You must keep track of the places you're interested in. A good way to do that is to create an spreadsheet that has columns for company name, position, job posting link, materials given, date of application, follow-up date and some notes. You can use this to track all relevant information as well as the feedback you'll get from the company in question. Without the proper organization you'll lose track of your progress and your success rate.


The best way to get hired is by being informed and in the know about your target company, the nature of its business, positions and the industry said company is part of. You must do a significant amount of research on each position before applying so you can be absolutely confident during an interview. Keep things in mind, such as the goals of the company, the successes of its past, the requirements and duties of the position you are aiming for, the background of the person interviewing you and so on. In today's information age you may find a whole lot on someone in completely legal ways. Knowing personal details, such as successes and projects your superiors may have worked on will let you gain a unique perspective, allowing you to focus on areas they may find part of their requirements.

Social Networking

In today's interconnected world social networking is becoming a major tool in job hunting. Job seekers today can interact with companies looking for employees worldwide. Setting up accounts on websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can serve as a way of contacting the professional community out there. You can show your dedication by keeping in touch with the updates of your target company and their projects and developments.


Now we're talking about the more traditional form of face-to-face networking. Without the proper connections in any field you will face huge difficulties trying to get through to a certain position. Social networks are but a part of this essential part of how the business world works. Knowing the right people and helping them can in term serve as a way of helping you on your way. Simply having a network of contacts can help greatly when looking for a job.

The Follow Up

The easiest way to deal with job applications is to fill them out, submit them and then await a company's response. Fire and forget, right? Wrong. Without a follow-up you will rarely land a job. You can do much by simple steps, such as calling up the company no later than two weeks after you submitted your application to get an update on where you're going with that. Knowing if they are serious about considering you is vital to your success. If you get to an interview phase you can give a personal “Thank you” note to your interviewer. This will leave a good impression and it will be something memorable.

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