Nov 20, 2014

Thoughts on Beyond the Lights

Last Friday I saw Beyond the Lights and I thought it was really sweet, romantic, and inspirational. I went to the film with zero expectations, but just by the preview and from what I read online prior to going to the film I knew it was going to be good.

I wasn't disappointed. This film did an incredible job weaving together a beautiful love story without making it overly cheesy. I also love that the focus wasn't only on the love story. It was also about Noni letting go and truly loving herself. That's my kind of movie.

Noni, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw impressed me the most. This actress is very real and genuine on the big screen and she played Noni beautifully. The transformation of Noni at the beginning to the end was truly astonishing. She went from a sad and desperate woman to a woman who bloomed and embraced who she was.

I liked how this movie touched upon depression and desperation and how much of Hollywood suffers from this. After all, haven't we lost many stars to depression, drugs, and alcohol? Big super stars hide behind their pain and don't seek help. I can't imagine to have that kind of pain and have to hide it. Nani did and thank goodness Kaz, played by Nate Parter helped her come of her pain by "seeing her" and embracing who she truly was.

I won't say more because I already feel like I'm spoiling the film (sorry and I won't reveal how it ends!), but you really need to see it. I really felt like I identified with Noni because she struggled to find herself and didn't know how to do it. I went through a time like this in my life when I was 25, and once I learned how to let go and love me for me, then I was ready to fly.

As for the love story, it was beautiful. The actors had great chemistry and I also liked that this film was not focused on the love story as its core, like I mentioned above. Yes they helped one another and yes they fell deeply in love, but it was more than that. It was about a healthy love while still loving one self. To me this means not necessarily having your entire identity wrapped up in that person. Oh and I LOVED how they had the ocean element. The ocean (and God for me) is always healing. Always.

To elaborate more on my thoughts above, to me you can be in love with another person but it is still just as important to embrace yourself. In other words, don't lose yourself in that person. Stay who you are and allow that person to enhance you. You are more than your love story.

That's why Beyond the Lights resonated with me and was a touching love story. Love just isn't between two people. It's also okay to have your own love story. You need to be true to who you are, which means you should never allow anyone to take that away from you. You are in charge of who you become and you need to follow your heart -- always.

Nov 14, 2014

New Blog Design is Live (and a few other updates)

Yay my new blog layout is live! What do you think? I love it and I think it looks incredible, thanks to Smitten Blog Designs. I actually got the Blogger Business and Branding package, so I also have a new Paige One logo and a few other goodies. :) I'm very pleased with my design and they were also great to work with and turned around all of my edits very quickly! Christine was my designer.

Be sure to check out my pretty designed about me pages: Meet Sierra, Meet Little Miss Morkie, and About Paige One. I LOVE how they all turned out and blend in with my new design.

So if you are looking for a new blog or branding redesign I highly recommend them! Here's my new logo for Paige One, it's simple yet makes my company stand out! I'll be uploading it to my Facebook page with my new cover page later today so stay tuned. :)

Today I'm going to head to a new film called Beyond the Lights. It reminds of The Bodyguard from all of the previews, but I'm sure it will shine all on its own. I'll let you know what I think later! Have a wonderful Friday! TGIF!

Nov 7, 2014

New Blog Design Coming!

Hello! No, I haven't fallen into the blogging deep abyss. ;) I just took a REALLY long break from blogging...until now! I'm currently in the process of getting a new blog design, and with that I hope to blog more frequently! 

I'm really excited about my new look and new name: Simply Sierra {and her little miss morkie} and I hope you like it too.

Stay tuned for the new layout and new posts! 

Sierra & (her little miss morkie)

P.S. here's a pic of Candy in her "Barking Diva" shirt! ;)