Nov 7, 2014

New Blog Design Coming!

Hello! No, I haven't fallen into the blogging deep abyss. ;) I just took a REALLY long break from blogging...until now! I'm currently in the process of getting a new blog design, and with that I hope to blog more frequently! 

I'm really excited about my new look and new name: Simply Sierra {and her little miss morkie} and I hope you like it too.

Stay tuned for the new layout and new posts! 

Sierra & (her little miss morkie)

P.S. here's a pic of Candy in her "Barking Diva" shirt! ;) 


  1. So excited to see the changes. Miss you and your blogging!

  2. I've seen you around FB and Instagram!! Hope to read more of you.


Thanks for the comment love! Candy sends you and puppy hello (aka barky bark)!