Dec 24, 2014

Holiday Cleaning Checklist: Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy

I don't know about you, but I've been doing a lot of cleaning this past week! BK came to visit Candy and me in Arizona, and I had to deep clean and tidy up the place not only for BK but for my parents as well, who are staying at my place over the holidays. Whew! If I would have stayed on top of my cleaning even more (disclaimer: it's not that I'm a messy person at all lol,) then it would have been a lot easier. Here are some great holiday cleaning tips. Merry Christmas Eve! 


With the holidays just around the corner it may seem impossible to keep your house clean and tidy. The kids are constantly bringing friends over and family continuously is popping over at your home just when you have time to spare. Despite the craziness of the holidays you can’t put off cleaning inside your home. The more you put off the small cleaning tasks that you can take care of the more buildup, dirt, and muck you’ll have in your home. Stay on top of daily cleaning tasks by doing them right away and sticking with a plan. Here are some ideas on how to keep your home clean. After all, it’s important to prevent rodents, bed bugs, and other pests that can show up when sheets aren’t changed, food is left out and there isn’t time to clean.


The kitchen is an important area to keep clean because this is where termites and other pests can show up. You can clear out the sink by staying on top of the dirty dishes. Move any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and if you don’t have a dishwasher clean the dishes as soon as possible and set them out to dry. Wiping down the countertops and stove is another quick task you can take care of. Use a sponge with an all purpose cleaner. Wipe down problem spots on the floor as well and get rid of spills and sticky spots. Also, if you have clean towels that have yet to be folded take a few minutes and fold them and put them away. Unfolded towels can look messy in a tidy kitchen.


Keep your bedroom tidy by making your bed daily and it’s also important to change the sheets on your bed once a week or every two weeks depending on if your kids go to bed without showering sometimes. Bedbug prevention is simple if you keep your bedroom and other rooms tidy and clean, so having the family clean up after themselves daily is important. This should also include clearing away any clutter you may have. You can also fold and put clean clothes away that may be still lying on your bed or in the hamper. Straightening up the night-table surface is another quick task that can keep things clean and help you feel more relaxed in your bedroom.

Living Room

This may be the most challenging room of all to keep clean, depending on where your family likes to hang out during the holidays. Start small by tidying the sofa by fluffing the pillows and folding the throws. Pull out your handheld vacuum and concentrate on the surfaces that are in plain site: coffee table, sofa cushions, and rugs in the middle of the room. After that you can use a moist cloth to wipe down streaky or dusty hard surfaces. You can also keep things tidy by straightening coffee table books and magazines. After you’re done with these tasks don’t forget to clear away major clutter such as video games, toys, and anything else you or the kids can trip over.

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  1. Great tips girl. :) It is the simple steps that we often forget to take...or do. xoxo


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