Dec 9, 2014

"She looks like a little candy marshmallow"


"She looks like a little candy marshmallow...." 

That's what a neighbor lady said today at my apartment complex. Candy and I were walking by her deck after our walk (Candy clearly likes to walk me since she walks so fast) and the neighbor lady's little Yorkie was barking. I asked her if her dog was a Yorkie and we got into a conversation about how she rescued her pup named Meme (super cute name by the way) and yes that's how you spell it, and I told her Candy's name. She immediately said she loved the color of her hair and said "she looks like a little candy marshmallow."
What she was was not only sweet, but it summarized how I felt about Candy's personality and beautiful hair without me not even knowing it. My neighbor lady conveyed what I felt and said it in a perfect way. To me with that simple quote she reminded me just how sweet my little Candy is.
BK once said I shouldn't have named my little miss Morkie Candy, because she is so sassy. However, even though Candy is sassy and a "tiger" as BK likes to say, she is very sweet too. She curls up on my lap while I work and seems to know when I'm having a hard day. She'll even lick an area on my leg or foot that's in pain and look at me with concern with her big puppy dog eyes. Candy really is my candy marshmallow is more ways than one.
She's oh so sweet. After she gets groomed she smells like cotton Candy and she smells oh so good. She looks like a marshmallow with it's golden brown and blonde coloring. She melts my heart and I can't think of a better pup to love with all of my heart.


  1. She's adorable. Although I can't compare her to my pet (a cat), I can definitely point out that mine looks like a cute brownie (although she's gray) and smells very good too and love her to pieces. Claws in my skin and all.

  2. I miss her little sassiness...hahaha but you are right she's an adorable and cute doggie as well. Your neighbor really named her right. Cute little marshmallow.


Thanks for the comment love! Candy sends you and puppy hello (aka barky bark)!