Oct 16, 2015

Transforming Day Shoes Into Evening Shoes

For many of us, having that perfect pair of shoes is the cherry on top of a fantastic outfit and can really boost confidence in your evening attire. What’s more, the very thought of leaving your house for work and forgetting those trusted evening shoes isn’t worth thinking about - especially when you had your whole outfit planned.

But, did you know there is a simpler way?

If you are struggling to see how your usual 9-5 footwear could be appropriate for the evening, you need look no further, because these top tips will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to transforming your day shoes into evening shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your checklist at the ready and explore the wonderful range of versatile shoes you could be missing out on.

What shoe works best for you?

It’s true that not everyone is a fan of wearing heels to the office, and depending what your job role is, you may be required to wear something a little more practical. With this in mind, below are a selection of some of the best and most versatile shoes to choose from that can easily carry you through to the evening:


Brogues and loafers are a brilliant way to achieve both comfort and style. They are extremely practical and can really shape an outfit. And, coming in a range of colours, textures and materials, there is certainly a pair of loafers and brogues out there for everyone. From slip-ons to laces, your needs will definitely be catered for when it comes to choosing the style that best suits you.

You can even opt for a patent pair if you wanted to go ultra classic. The patent material would look great with a pair of tights in the winter months or even a pair of cigarette trousers if you are more interested in the chic look. No matter what your taste, these shoes are perfect for any occasion and can instantly transform an outfit.

Ballet Pumps 

If you aren’t keen on wearing high heels, ballet pumps are the shoes for you. They are a delicate choice for an evening occasion without feeling underdressed. Many people favour the classic black option but ballet pumps can come in an array of colours and materials. You can even customise your ballet pumps with pom poms and jewels if you really want to stand out. Or, choose an option like the image below that come with dainty bows for a truly feminine feel.

Ankle Boots 
Never has a season for ankle boots been more inviting than autumn and winter. And as the weather starts to get cooler, a pair of ankle boots are a staple wardrobe item and must-have for creating a variety of looks that will provide both fashion and warmth in one. Perhaps you don’t quite want a pair of high heels but flats just will not do. The ankle boot, therefore, offers a great in-between alternative and they are comfy enough to wear in the day for work, too. It’s win, win all round!

They still offer a platform but are much more practical, so you can still dance the night away without having to worry about taking your shoes off during the night to ease that dreaded sore feet moment.

Chunky Heels
Don’t be swayed into thinking you can’t wear heels in the day and the night. Rather it’s about choosing the best type of heel for the day that will carry you through to the evening - whilst still offering you maximum support and remaining comfortable.

A chunky heel is always a great option because you still get the essence of what a heel can do for your outfit but you will be far more comfy in the long run. Chunky heels can come in the form of court shoes, laced boots or heeled sandals, so there is a pair out there to suit every taste.

Buckled Boots
Buckled boots are a wonderful addition to any outfit and perfect for those after work drinks with friends. Still a boot but with a smaller heel if heeled boots aren’t going to cut it for you.

A classic black pair is always a safe option but buckled boots can range from brown leather, to burgundy suede and everything in between. So you look trendy in both the office and in the evening with a pair of supreme comfy and bang-on-trend buckled boots.

How to customise your shoes to fit the occasion

We have all owned a pair of shoes in a classic neutral shade that seem to go with everything in our wardrobe. And whilst blacks and nudes are brilliant shades to opt for, who’s to say that a bit of customization won’t be an extra special treat?

You can personalise your shoes in a variety of ways from ribbons and bows to glitter and even nail polish. All you have to do is get creative and make your shoes stand out from the rest. This is also another great way to transform your day shoes into evening shoes because with the likes of poms poms and jewels, you can add them and remove them as you see fit. Just be careful with nail polish and glitter because once you have committed, you can’t go back.

When it comes to finding the perfect shoe, everyone is different. That’s why it goes without saying that a variety of choice is a perfect way to discover what works best for you.

From boots to ballet pumps, there are a great selection of shoes out there that are easily transferable from daytime to evening, whilst still remaining fashionable. So you need never worry about packing those extra pair of shoes in your bag when you leave for work in the morning.

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes for the daytime or indeed, any occasion, why not check out Foot Art? With a diverse range of shoes to explore, you’d be mad to miss out! 

Simply follow the link and walk into shoe heaven! 

Oct 9, 2015

How to Handle Wedding Disasters

There is so much going on at your wedding, and the last thing you want is a disaster waiting to happen. Your soon-to-be bride may feel the wedding jitters, or some of your closest friends may get into an argument that just brings down the vibe of the place. Everyone pictures and desires a beautiful wedding, but we can’t always have what we want can we?

There are some situations that are unavoidable, like bad weather, medical emergencies, and so on. However, most situations that may make your wedding a calamity can be avoided. Here is how you can have a trouble-free wedding that doesn’t end up being a disaster waiting to happen!


More often than not, today, marriage has become a spontaneous decision. This increases the likelihood of disasters as there are so many considerations that you have to address. Your wedding planning should be comprehensive and should start at least 8 weeks before the planned date.
Preplanning gives you an ample amount of time to send invites, book a nice venue, get clothing, appoint bridesmaid and groomsmen, and book the best musicians, caterers, and other servicers for the big day. While marriage can be an impulsive decision, it is best to book a date 2 to 4 months from the time you propose to your significant other.

Delegate the Responsibilities

The last thing you want at your wedding is the musicians arriving late, or the photographer not doing their job right, and other similar dilemmas. One good way to avoid such instances is to delegate the management to a close friend or family member. That way, you can communicate your needs and concerns with your friend who will make sure that all the arrangements at the wedding are made just the way you want.

Do make sure that whoever you delegate the responsibilities to is a natural contender for the job. You don’t want a lazy friend managing your wedding errands because that really won’t work. Having a good friend by your side that takes care of things is a blessing for your wedding. Once it’s all said and done, make sure to return the favor!

Keep the Stress in Check

It’s quite common for the bride and groom to stress out and lose their mind with each passing day. However, if you don’t manage your stress, it will soon show on your face, body, and expressions. Over time, the stress may give you second thoughts about marriage, and having cold feet is never really a good place to be for either the brood or the groom.

Make sure you and your soon to be lawfully wedded partner are enjoying this time as single individuals rather than making it miserable. Indulge in exercise, eat well, and make sure that your friends are around to give you the morale boost you need. Talk to the best friends of your significant others and tell them how much you love your partner. Assurance and peace of mind can go a long way in making your wedding disaster free!

Tips offered by Colin at www.sydneyprincesscruises.com.au

Oct 6, 2015

French Provincial Decorating 101

Whenever you think about the French countryside and the Provence, a picture of lavender fields and bright sunshine comes into your mind. While there are many other elements that add to its beauty, traditional French Country style casts off an elegant, rustic old-world look that is warm and welcoming.

Bright black and dull grays tend to punctuate and contrast other bright colors used. Rusted metal furniture and lighting fixtures are just what you need to create graceful French chateaux look. Here are a few ways how you can capture the suave French provincial display in all your interiors:

Natural Materials

Unlike the trendy and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Paris, southern France is known for its country-like aura. This necessitates the need to use natural materials to create the perfect French provincial look. Pained plaster or rough stained walls, delicately carved wood, hefty beaming ceilings and walls and rush-woven chair seats make up for the ideal countryside look and feel. Add natural stone floors with cotton or woolen rugs to give your home the perfect finishing touch.

Neutral Palette

While neutral palette looks plain and boring in modern homes, it does bring an air of calm in your dwelling. Add accents of other colors. Use high-quality matte finishes. To capture the essence of France, use beige color for interior walls (especially your living room).

Stone Fireplace

No real French Country home is considered complete if it does not have a stone fireplace. Use a heavy beam at the top of the opening to serve as a mantle. Stone or ceramic tiles should form the border of the fireplace. The hearth can either be brick, clay or herbs. To complete the fireplace, you need to buy copper pots and iron accessory pieces. Hang them on the sidewall and your French fireplace is complete!

Dining Tables

For the French countryside, simplicity is beauty. This means that you need not invest in really expensive dinner tables. A large, rectangular or round dining table with dull-wax or low-sheen finish will suffice. Carved and curved details grace your dining. Similarly, the chairs need to be either ladderback or must have vertical slats, with rush seatings.


The beautiful colors of lavender fields make up for the captivating French countryside look. Use traditional fabrics that combine well with stripes, checks and basic plaids. Traditional provincial prints are often a combination of primary colors, in varying shades of bright orange, greens and lavenders.


Some of the most common traditional country motifs and products include sunflowers, lavenders, beetles, olives, grapes and roosters. The designs should be arranged at regular intervals and bordered by a wide panel of all motifs in different scales. This design is typical for all textile products, such as curtain panels and tablecloths.


Another important traditional design in the French countryside involves the theme of farm animals and Chinese patterns. Toile refers to white, cream or yellow grounds with large motifs offered in single contrasting colors, such as red, blue, black or green, with a depiction of courting scenes from the 18th century. Most of the toile patterns are printed on cotton or linen. Adding these to your home will complete your French display.

Complement all of the above display features with lots of flowers and pots, and you have officially brought home the French countryside beauty!

Tips offered by JC @ChristopheLiving.

Sep 17, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Pet Health

Jordan Walker has always been passionate for animals. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise about the animal kingdom through pet-related blogs. He leads the content team of Coops and Cages. In this article, he shares some important health facts every pet owner need to know.

Although it sounds great to always provide what’s best for your adorable pets, sometimes, it isn’t always attainable, especially that when it comes to their health, things can get a bit confusing. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Even in your own little way, it is possible to make them happy and healthy. You can always start by knowing these pet health facts:

1. Regular Pet Health Consultation is a Must.

Just like humans, animals also suffer from complications, such as toothache, arthritis, and even congenital problems. And, the best way to avoid any of these is to consult the veterinarian every year.

During an examination, a vet should check on the weight and nutrition of your fluffy pal. He should also provide essential vaccinations, dental check-ups, as well as parasite control.

2. Spaying is a Procedure that Must be Performed at an Early Age.

In the United States alone, there are about 8 to 10 million pets that end up in shelters. While some of them are lost, others are completely homeless.

In order to reduce the number, it is advised that owners must neuter their pets. It is a process that should be performed at an early age, if possible, as early as six to eight weeks.

Spaying doesn’t just reduce the population of lost and homeless pets; it can also benefit the pet. According to studies, it even reduces the risk of certain cancers.

3. Pets Must Keep a Healthy Weight.

Same as to humans, pet obesity comes with health risks, such as arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. 

In many countries, dogs and cats are obese. This is because some pet owners feed them with almost anything at any time of the day. Technically, pets need fewer calories in their body, which means, they need a balanced and nutritious diet. However, to be sure, you can always talk to your vet. He can give feeding suggestions based on the lifestyle of your pet.

4. Pets Need a Happy Environment.

To boost the health and welfare of your feline and canine friends, a happy environment is required. Professionals say that pets also need mental stimulation, which means owners must always give time to walk their pooches.

Also, this may suggest more playing time and exercise. Not only will it prevent them from getting bored, it will also help keep their muscles toned.

5. Pets Must Not Take People Medication.

Medications intended for humans must never be given to pets. It may only lead to death. Human drugs may lead to seizures, kidney damage, or cardiac arrest in your pets.

In the event that your pet accidentally consumed your medication, it is advised that you bring them to the vet immediately.

For many, pets are considered members of the family, more like children. With that being said, they deserve the best possible kind of life an owner can provide to avoid losing them. Though it wouldn’t be that easy to provide them with everything at first, with these facts, you can surely make a difference.

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for 'attempting' to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can reach him via Google+ or Twitter.

Sep 7, 2015

intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review for my iPhone

I was given the IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector for my iPhone 5S to review and I am loving it! The old screen protector on my phone was wearing off since I've had my iPhone for almost a year now. I got my past screen protector at a mall and there was some sticky residue left over after I took the screen protector off that I didn't really care for.

The new screen protector was easy to apply and doesn't have any air bubbles. Check out more reasons below why I'm loving this screen protector below:

They really put a lot of thought into the packaging. The graphics and the way everything is packaged looks amazing. Plus, everything the company advertises outside of the packing is true. In the past I've paid $20 or more for a so-called amazing screen protector. I'm left with a screen protector that's hard to apply, doesn't really seem that clear to me, and doesn't stay on my phone. 

intellGlASS's product was super easy to apply, so far is staying on my iPhone exceptionally well, and I can actually see my iPhone's screen without a glare. Plus, it's thick which makes me feel like if I were to "scratch" my screen the screen protector would do its job. 

Let's talk about how the screen protector came: 
You open up the screen protector case and it's extremely well put together. The application kit is to the left which includes a card to help you apply the glass and an alcohol pad to clean your phone before application. There's also a soft cloth that you can use to wipe off your phone after you use the alcohol wipe. 

On the right side there's the screen protector with instructions. I appreciated that the instructions were short and sweet, making it super easy for me to apply the screen protector to my iPhone. 

Once I put the screen protector on my phone, once again it was easy to apply. I didn't even have to take it off to reapply due to air bubbles. Since it's a thicker screen protector it goes on quickly and easily, as long as you align it right away. 

I'm glad I tried this screen protector; my iPhone looks great! Thanks for intelliGLASS for the opportunity to apply this screen protector!

**I was provided with the screen protector in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.**

Sep 2, 2015

Great Oral Health Probiotics Review: Healthier Gums & Refreshing Taste!

Prior to being contacted by Great Oral Health, I had never tried an oral probiotic for my teeth before. What?! An oral probiotic for my mouth and gums?! I thought I would give it a try and now I have to say I'm a big fan!

So, what do I love about this probiotic?

  1. Fresh breath - After chewing the probiotic, I instantly felt like I had fresher breath. I'm really picky about what I chew (including with mints and gum), so I knew I would be critical about this part. However, the mint taste was pleasantly good tasting and the texture of the pill wasn't very chalky either. Both of these positive factors made it easy for me to chew and shallow!
  2. Healthier gums - After a few weeks of chewing on these minty probiotics, I noticed that my gums looked a lot better. I usually suffer from a touch of gingivitis, so I'm always willing to give oral health care products a shot. This cleared up any gingivitis I have and I'm happy to report I have healthier gums.
  3. Sensitive towards allergies - Many people can't have products that contain wheat, starch, or yeast. This probiotic does not contain any of these ingredients. I'm allergic to dairy so I was slightly concerned when I read "may contain traces of milk," but I did not receive any indigestion or hives after taking this pill so that's good. Generally I'm not SO allergic to dairy that small traces will affect me, but it's nice that they let their customers know there could be dairy in the pills.
Have you tried an oral probiotic for your mouth before? If not, I recommend you try this brand! 

To try Oral Probiotics for yourself, here's a $5 off coupon: QS7ZBOOZ

**This is a sponsored post via Tomoson. All opinions are my own.**

A Woman’s Guide to Avoid Breakages When Moving House

Regardless of when or where you are moving to, the entire process of shifting your belongings from one place to another is very hectic and time-consuming. The pressure doubles if you’re a woman! One of the most common issues that most ladies encounter while moving is the damage caused to their valuable furniture and delicate art pieces. After all, you’re not meant to do the guy’s job. But not only you, even men are not well aware of the expertise required to pack and load the luggage properly, they end up missing their luggage or break them due to careless handling.

So if men cannot handle it well, how can a woman like you survive it? If you follow these five industry-secret tips, you will avoid breakages when moving house like a boss:

1. Starting With the Right Box

Boxes are an essential ingredient to the perfect moving recipe. You need several boxes of various sizes to store your goods and relocate them. It is always advised to opt for corrugated boxes that are specifically designed for moving purposes and can resist minor bumps during the ride. Avoid using grocery boxes or liquor packs as they cannot withstand heavy weights and are not always clean.

2. Packing Goods in a Box

Throwing everything into a box is not what you call proper packing. To save your goods from substantial damage, it is necessary to pack them in an organized manner. Always place heavier items such as books, at the bottom of the box to keep it in equilibrium. This will prevent it from wobbling here and there inside the van or truck. Moreover, use a large box that can accommodate more goods together than using several smaller boxes.

3. Cushioning Each Item Properly 

You should not place your items inside the box directly. Rather, you should use a high-quality cushioning material to separate them from one another. For this purpose, you can use air encapsulate plastic, corrugated separators, crumpled craft paper, etc. Also, ensure that each box has no space left behind, which might cause the goods to move within the box and crash together. If any space is left, fill it with a cushion, bubble wrap, or some old clothes.

4. Close the Boxes

All of your packing and hard work will be of no use if you leave the boxes unsealed. It is, therefore, strictly advised to secure each box with strong box tape that is broader than ordinary tape rolls. However, prior to doing that, count all the items in the box and label the box with the type and number of goods. Labeling them will make it easier for you to find the right box after moving to the new location.

5. Loading the Goods with Care 

Now that you know which box contains fragile items and which one has the heavy ones, place them accordingly in the van. Don’t put heavy items over the delicate ones as they may crush and break them into pieces. If you are relocating goods in two separate vans, it is recommended to load light and heavy luggage separately.

Follow these simple tips and relocate your luggage intact, without any breakages. You will be surprised at how careful you can be, too!

Tips provided by the expert removalist team at walkmove.com.au, an Australian removalist company.

Aug 18, 2015

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Tossing and turning the entire night and waking up exhausted – everyone can relate to this feeling. The reason might vary from person to person, but one of the top causes of these sleepless nights is the wrong mattress. That’s right; mattresses play a critical role in either giving you a good night’s sleep or an uncomfortable one leaving you even more tired.

So, how exactly can you find the right mattress?

Determine Which Type of Mattress Is Perfect For You

There are several types of mattresses available on the market nowadays, but not all are right for you. When you understand what exactly the function of the each of the different kinds of mattresses is, only then you will be able to determine the right one for you.

Following are the some basic mattresses available:

Memory Foam / Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is a brand name, but the majority of the people refer to it as the mattresses with ‘memory foam.’ They also refer it to any other kind of foam that adapts its shape according to your body while you sleep. Remember, this mattress has the tendency to get warm over the course of the night. Because the mattress gets hot, if you want a cooler surface to sleep on or if you live in a warm climate, then this might not be the right mattress for you.

Sleep Number Beds

This type of bed utilises air pressure chambers on the inside of the mattress that can be customised to meet the firmness level you require. You can make it softer or firmer, tilt it in a reclining position, and even opt for a sleep number bed with different chambers on both sides of the bed. You and your partner can also go for a different level of firmness on your respective sides. These mattresses are a bit on the expensive side, though, but more than often worth the higher price.

Plush vs. Firm

Different mattresses come in various levels of firmness and softness. You will find mattresses labelled as firm, extra firm, plush, or extra plush indicating how soft or hard the mattress is. You can opt for whichever one suits you the best. Some mattresses have extra padding on the sides and the top to make it extra soft but are firm enough to offer proper support.
via Tumblr

Tips To Select The Right Mattress

Now that you now the primary types of mattresses available, do take into account the following tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Consult Your Doctor

The best way to determine which mattress type to opt for is to ask your doctor. As per your health condition, your doctor or physical therapist will recommend which one will be best for you.

2. Try It Out Before You Buy It

Always, always, try out the mattress before you buy it. Lie on the ones you have shortlisted for at least 15 minutes. Lying on the bed for this length of time will help you discover whether this is the mattress for you.

3. Check Its Warranty

The good mattresses have at least ten-year warranty.

4. Buy From A Shop That Specializes In Mattresses

A store that specialises in mattresses will have better knowledge and understanding of the intricacies associated with each mattress type and will guide you better.

Remember, the right mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep which will keep you refreshed all day long. Thorough research is critical before making your decision.

Tips offered by Melanie, in-house mattress tester and lifestyle blogger at RealSmart

Aug 10, 2015

Shed Ninja Shedding and Slicker Brush Review: Eliminate Shedding and Enjoy Shiny Hair on Your Doggy

Recently I received the Shed Ninja Shedding Brush and their Slicker Brush, which are two tools you can use on your doggy or feline friend. They are both tools that eliminate shedding and also create a shiny and lustrous coat for your fur baby. Out of both products, I like the slicker brush the most, simply because of the sleek design and how shiny it makes Candy's hair.
Candy's hair (yes, she has hair and not fur) is really fine and silky already, so when I used both products on her I was VERY gentle. With any slicker brush that says "gentle bristles," I cannot stress enough that you still have to be super gentle and careful when you brush your fur baby's hair. Shed Ninja's bristles are gentle, but for a small dog under ten pounds and that has silky and fine hair, I would recommend that you use a tool like this sparingly.
Candy is very sensitive when I brush her hair. I actually bought her a small brush for humans from Target and I use that to comb out her hair because it's super gentle. A slicker brush like the one from Shed Ninja is an excellent product, but I would recommend it for a larger dog that has course hair and that sheds a lot. Their products do specify the size of the dog each tool is recommended for, but I think they could make an even smaller tool for our small fur babies. Candy is about 9 pounds and these tools were plenty big for her.

Candy does not shed (well, she has very minimal shedding) and as I mentioned before, her hair is very fine. Both the shedding brush and slicker brush work well with her hair, but I just had to be super careful with both products. I did not press down hardly at all when I used the slicker brush on her coat. In fact, I barely applied any pressure since I did not want to hurt her sensitive skin underneath her hair. After I used the brush I was very pleased! You can see how shiny her coat is below after I brushed her hair with the Slicker Brush.
The 2-in-1 shedding brush is super convenient if you groom your own dog's hair or simply want to get rid of some of your pup's excess hair. The grip on this tool and the slicker brush is great and the rake does an excellent job smoothing out hair (see below). Once again just be cautious when you use the shedding blade as it will take a decent amount of hair off of your pup and if you just got her groomed or if she has fine hair you'll want to be careful. Please excuse Miss Candy's tired face below -- her daddy had just taken her on a walk after these pics were taken. ;)

If you keep your pup's hair short you should rarely use a shedding tool since my guess is your pup does not experience a lot of shedding. However, if you have a Golden Retriever, Silky Terrier or another breed that has long, course, or thick hair (or all of the above) and that sheds a lot these tools are ideal. I am thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd in the future and I think these tools would be excellent for this type of doggy breed.

Overall I think Shed Ninja offers some great doggy friendly tools that can help you keep your fur baby looking pretty! Not to mention you can get rid of some of that hair that would otherwise be on your outfit or sofa. ;)

I recommend their products and am enjoying using them. In addition to snatching up their products on Amazon, you can connect with them on Facebook. Thanks, Shed Ninja! Now it's time for Candy to get some zzz's! As you can see she looks sleepy below! ;)

**This is an honest review by myself from Tomoson. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Jun 17, 2015

Stunning Nature and Historial Sites in North Dakota

Have you ever been to North Dakota? I have been to North Dakota when I was a little girl, so it has been at least 20 years since I have visited. Now that I know all about the adventures one can have at this state, I'm eager to head back! From hiking to exploring the beautiful nature and historical sites, ND has a lot of scenic destinations I am eager to see. I've always been a fan of history and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park has a reconstructed Indian lodge, among other historical sites. Sounds so cool! Check out some of my must see activities below:

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Backway

The Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Backway in Kenmare, ND offers some pretty incredible hikes! I would love to hike in this area while viewing the rolling hills and the Des Lacs Valley. Apparently it has a lot of wildlife too -- birds, deer, and moose are just a few! Near this site, there's also a historical Danish Mill that I'd love to see. I love seeing and learning about historical sites!

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

I love the Civil War time period, and this state park offers tours of General George Custer's last home as well as barracks, granary, commissary and a stable. You are able to see how it was in 1875, which is the year the 7th Cavalry rode to the Little Bighorn. There's also a museum and tour of On-A-Slant Indian Village's five reconstructed earthlodges. I would love to tour all of these historical sites at the state park!

Icelandic State Park 

For more nature and hiking, the Icelandic State Park in Cavalier, ND appears to be a wonderful place to check out as well. It is the home to the Pioneer Heritage Center, historical buildings, and the Gunlogson Homestead. You can hike there and there is also a self-guided nature trail near the Pioneer Heritage Center. Camping is also available at the site, so you can take your time and explore the park.

Little Missouri State Park

I saved the best state park for last (at least from what I have read this sounds like an AMAZING place to visit). Located in Killdeer, ND, the Little Missouri State Park is full of the Badlands terrain where you can horseback ride and hike to your heart's content. Wildlife is known to hang out here -- coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and golden eagles are just a few animals you may run into. Well -- hopefully not a bobcat! ;) You can also go horseback riding here, which sounds pretty incredible to me! I love horseback riding while checking out the nature, though I haven't horseback rode for a while so I think I would need a warm up lesson first.

My mom was born in Montana, so I've always loved the rolling hills and open prairie. North Dakota is right near Montana, so naturally my family and I have visited both states. I used to want to live in Montana and marry a cowboy -- anything that involves nature, a beautiful backdrop of mountains and hiking means I am all in! I can't wait to head back to North Dakota in the future to do some hiking and visit these grand historical state parks.

Learn more about North Dakota's amazing sites and activities at North Dakota Legendary. You can also connect with them on Twitter, too!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*

May 2, 2015

12 Sleepy Pups Who Look Adorable Taking a Snooze

Whenever I see my puppy Candy taking a snooze in the middle of the afternoon not only am I jealous, but I love how cute and peaceful she looks. She gets to zone off in the middle of the afternoon while I work and occasionally I sneak a few glances at this adorable pup that just looks too cute for words. Candy knows how to sleep in several different positions too. I'll find her curled tighly in a ball, her head against a pillow, or her legs spread out all the way while she's taking a nap on her stomach. Whatever position she chooses is adorable!

When dogs sleep they often have puppy dreams, and I always wonder what Candy's are about. Is she dreaming of another friend that she's playing with? Is she running after her ball in the field? Whatever she dreams about I have to wonder as I sometimes watch her legs twitch and her body move. From the looks of it she experiences what has to be some pretty intense dreams!

Since we already established that dogs are adorable especially while they're sleeping, I decided to find -- okay stalk -- some pretty cute pups on Instagram. Here are 12 #instapuppy snoozing dogs that I find absolutely adorable, and of course one of Candy's pictures made the list too. ;)

1. I'm Not Sure What This Position is, But it's Cute! 

2. This Shiba Inu Pup isn't Afraid to Sleep in a Plastic Storage Basket! 

3. My Little Miss Morkie Loves Sleeping on Pillows Like She's a Real Human. Wait, isn't She?! 

4. Macy the Morkie Sleeping on the Corner of Mom's Computer While She Works!

A photo posted by MacyTheMorkie (@macythemorkie) on

5. This Lab Thinks Sleeping on Tile is Sooo Comfy! 

6. This Pup was Thinking: Ahh Dad Just Got Back From a Workout, Now I can Sleep

A photo posted by Mr. Louis Pierre (@mrlouispierre) on

7. Time to Nod off into Sleepy Land...

8. Life is Just so Ruff! 

9. Peek a Boo, I See You! 

A photo posted by Sunny & Judy (@sunnyandjudy) on

10. Nap time in the sunshine

A photo posted by Autumn (@sugarcoma75) on

11. Sweet, Sweet Puppy Love

12. Time for Some Sweet Dreams...

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4 Eco-Friendly Frocks on Celebrities that are Inspiring Change

Whenever actresses take a stand and infuse eco-friendly fashion into their wardrobes I am inspired. These women have the ability to touch lives, and what better way to do it then with eco-fashion. With this small act of kindness they're reminding us all that it's the little things that matter and it's the daily choices that we make that can help save our earth. I love that a Hollywood star can choose a gown for an event that's not only gorgeous, but made of eco-friendly materials. Here are 4 stunning dresses that some incredible actresses recently wore:

1) Gina Rodriguez at the 2015 Oscars

Actress Gina Rodriguez went to the Oscars this year wearing an eco-friendly gown made out of environmentally friendly materials. I happen to love this actress and the show she stars in called Jane The VirginThe gown is actually a part of Suzy Amis Cameron's eco-fashion campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress. Gina looks beautiful in a dress that's fabulous and eco-friendly! 
2) Olivia Wilde is the New Face for H&M Conscious Exclusive

Olivia Wilde is the new face for the latest Conscious Exclusive campaign for H&M. The actress is already known for her commitment to environmental and humanitarian work, so naturally she is the perfect fit for the luxurious eco-friendly clothing line. I can't wait to check it out! 

I also have to mention that I think it's amazing that H&M is using their brand name and fashion lines for good. The H&M Conscious Foundation recently donated $100,000 to support the organization Save the Children to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal! 

3) Jessica Alba Stepped out in Eco-Friendly Studio One Eighty Nine Pants

A few weeks ago Jessica Alba who already has an eco-friendly lifed called The Honest Company stepped out in a pair of eco-friendly pants. The stylish pants are from her friend Rosario Dawson’s new eco-friendly line of clothing and accessories called Studio One Eighty Nine. This company uses eco-friendly material like recycled glass beads and vegan leather to create stunning bags, jewelery, and clothing. I checked out the site and they really have some incredible pieces, like this tote.

4) Emily Blunt Wore a Tory Burch Eco-friendly Dress at TIFF
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Who doesn't love Emily Blunt? Even though I didn't like Into The Woods, I loved seeing Emily act in it. She always comes alive on screen. Well, in 2012 the stunning actress wore a white dress created out of fabric scraps of previous dresses by the well known designer Tory Burch. What was cool is that the dress was actually created to be a part of the Green Carpet Challenge. This incredible challenge was created by Livia Firth, who is married to the ruggedly handsome Colin Firth.

I love that all four of these ladies are inspiring change not only in their own lives, but they're making it visible through eco-friendly fashion choices that make sense. I only hope that we can inspire to do the same too! 
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Apr 29, 2015

4 Gadgets I Never Thought I'd Own

Recently I've become quite the gadget geek. A year ago if you would have asked me if I would ever try a Kindle I would have responded with a resounding "No!" It's not that I have anything against a Kindle or any gadget for that matter, I just thought I didn't need it or wouldn't use it. Wow was I wrong. Today I have several techy items that I swore I wouldn't get. However as the world changes so do I, and here a few techy things that I love that I never thought I would own.

Hello, iPhone


When I had my Android a few years back I used to tell my boyfriend that I would never switch over to an iPhone. I was convinced that an Android was the best cell phone out there. Well I finally gave an iPhone a try about a year ago (I have the iPhone 5s), and I am hooked. Not only do the apps conflict on this phone a lot less than with the Android, I can take screen shots and do a bunch of other cool things. The only frustration is that sometimes I download SO many apps I don't have enough space to update my phone. Oops!

Entertain Me Kindle Fire

I used to think that a Kindle Fire was so cool, but I never thought I would use it. Why would I need a Kindle when I could do all that and more on my cell? Well, BK gave me one for Christmas last year and I've loved it ever since. You'll find me late at night in bed watching my favorite TV shows on Hulu. This is mainly what I use my Kindle for -- watching TV and occasionally reading. I used to play games but quickly got bored. The Kindle is quickly improving now too with awesome features like the ability to contact customer service on your Kindle itself if something weird happens while you're enjoying the entertainment. And I don't know if it's just me but I'm experiencing far less problems like my Kindle randomly turning off on me. The battery lasts for forever too! I think I've watched four shows in a row (shhh don't tell anyone). Plus they're super affordable unlike the iPad. Sorry, iPad users! ;)

Take Me on an Adventure Kindle Paperwhite

This by far is my favorite gadget and this is the last technology accessory on earth I thought I would buy. I have always been a huge fan of books. I love their smell, turning the pages, and looking at the pretty covers. What sold me on the Paperwhite though was just how many books you can store on it and the backlight that adjusts in any room or outdoor space. I thought about getting a Nook but after already being familiar with my Kindle Fire I decided to stay loyal to Amazon. Just joking, I read about it and it sounded like the perfect accessory for me to encourage me to read more.

Also, after I discovered how much easier it was to read a book on a small tablet as opposed to bringing a bulky book on my travels it was a no brainer! I now bring my Paperwhite with me everywhere and find myself "collecting" books even though I will never run out of space! Speaking of reading, I need to start reading again. My Paperwhite makes it simple to read on the go because it's lightweight and easy to stick in your bag or purse. I love it, seriously.

Make Me Fit Fitbit and Polar FT4

This is one accessory that I haven't used a lot and I'd like to start using it again. I don't think I read enough about it and I quickly grew tired of it. I like that it vibrates when you have met your walking goals -- but I guess I was looking for something to motivate me more, which is why I prefer workout watches that count calories by using your heart-rate. I got the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor and working out has never been so accurate!

What gadgets aka technology accessories have you purchased that you thought you could live without?


Apr 26, 2015

Why You Gotta Be So Mean

Mean people suck, don't they? They go around and try to suck out other people's happiness, all because they're jealous, insecure, or unhappy themselves. People like this don't usually make good friends, and they also try to wreak havoc in your life by bringing you down and making you feel like something you're not.

Lately I've had a slew of people I've worked with who have been this way. I've had clients drop me out of nowhere, tell me basically that I'm not good enough, and treat me unkindly because they feel like they can. I get that businesses have to make business decisions or call me out on a mistake, but it's when people are mean and not professional about it is what rubs me the wrong way. Or when I know I didn't do something wrong and they insisted it was me. Where's the trust?! A few times I stood up for myself, but a few other times I just let it go. However, since I've had such a bad streak lately of mean people it's starting to affect me. I mean, after dealing with that so many times how could it not affect me? (Yes I'm going to include TSwift gifs in this post.) ;)

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I'm trying so hard to just push my feelings aside. The bigger person in me just wants to let it go, but the angry person in me is still a little bit bitter. And it's hard for me to trust that future work won't be the same.

Don't get me wrong, I've worked with a lot of GREAT people that I got along with fabulously. And I am still working with some incredible people. When I start letting the negativity get to me I remind myself that I do have people that appreciate my talents and that I shouldn't let the negative experiences sour the rest. It's just that if I were to be honest the negative comments always sting the most, don't they?

And here's another thing. Freelancing = communication via email, Skype, and the phone sometimes, which gives mean people an excuse to be mean. They know they can't see you day to day. They know that if they say something tacky or hurtful that you have to just shrug it off because they are paying you and for the most part they think they can get away with it. Also, what if you believe in the site or brand you're working on? You just can't leave them high and dry, now can you? I've been in a similar situation like this a few times now.

I don't know why but I've had horrible luck with a few people in particular, and instead of cutting out I've held on because I believed in the site, wanted to make more money, or I had faith that things would get better.
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Will things get better? I hope so. Will I find more amazing people who appreciate my skills and talents? I really want that. I need that. How can I learn from this going forward? Well, I can refuse to be treated unkindly and I can stand up for myself. For most of my life I've allowed people to step all over me.

"You're so sweet Sierra."
"Thanks for being there Sierra."

You're welcome?! I've improved with my boundaries and they're always a work in progress, but it's still very much a struggle for me. I want to be there for people but I need to learn to say no. To put myself first both personally and professionally while still being a stand out freelancer. And you know what? That's okay and I can do it.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate...fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake...I'm just gonna shake it off, shake it off, off, off, off... (Yes I know I'm covering two totally two different songs in this post, lol.)

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Yes I love Taylor Swift and whenever I start getting overwhelmed with mean people, I'm going to shake it off and also sing "Why you gotta be so mean..."

I already feel a lot better.