Feb 1, 2015

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing in Your Online Strategy

Mobile marketing is evolving at an amazing rate. This marketing has become a massive communications channel for getting the word out to a company’s potential and existing customers. Mobile phones now have become the most personal and direct of all types of media. Never has it been easier for consumers to reach providers and provide their feedback on products and services. Similarly, companies may directly offer details on their new services and products.

Develop a Website Version that is Mobile Optimized

Because of the mobile web, substantial traffic online has migrated from our desktops to mobile devices. Companies without mobile optimized sites are missing out on a major quantity of traffic online deriving from mobile users. Due to the quick nature of surfing online, companies that still don’t possess mobile friendly sites are losing possible customers to their competition.

Social Media and Content Marketing

There’s a big myth about content marketing and social media marketing being two separate entities. For a mobile marketing campaign to be a success, it must integrate a little bit of everything. Utilize social media to develop awareness of your content and if the content creates some buzz with people online, you may receive leads. Content marketing and social media are different tools, yet if these tools are integrated together, you can utilize the real power of Internet marketing.

Mobile Applications

All businesses need a website nowadays and all websites need a mobile version of their website. Since mobile applications have become more popular worldwide, your organization ought to have a mobile application, too. One of the best features a mobile app provides is the option of ecommerce. Offering the latest innovations with digital payments, more individuals prefer shopping online and paying on the Internet without using a credit card.

QR Codes

A QR code may be utilized to look up a certain product without looking for it. All smart phones are able to download a code reader. By placing product codes up on websites, magazines, and social media, a potential customer may scan the code and gain certain details on a service or product.

Location-based Ads

By utilizing location-based ads, marketers can make use of mobile applications that can assist their customers and locate the services they seek in their area. Also, location-based services offer an abundance of data on customer behavior, on preferences, travel patterns, and the lifestyles of their consumers. After learning about lifestyle patterns, these trends can be utilized to create marketing messages and offers which are more likely to improve with customer engagement.


The mobile ecommerce marketplace in 2013 was valued at about $43 billion, with mobile traffic comprising almost 50 percent of the traffic on sites. These stats hint at marketing opportunity a company can take advantage of.

Email optimization for a mobile device has become a must-have, especially since email drove nearly 26 percent of ecommerce sales in 2013, with tablets contributing 23 percent, as compared with the dwindling figures of desktops that came at about 21 percent. Therefore investing in methods of making it easier for users to engage within email content on mobile devices most likely will pay off.


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  2. It's crazy how technology really is taking over! Great tips, and some things I definitely need to focus on.


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