Mar 29, 2015

What I Learned After Finally Taking Some Time Off

A few weeks ago my boyfriend BK asked me to take a week off during his spring break. My first reaction was -- "I can't, I have so much work to do!" You see, after starting my own business about 6 years ago I've been a worker bee ever since. It's rare that I take a weekend off and you'll find me typing away late at night. I admit I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I truly love what I do.

So anyway, after a bit of reluctance I decided to let my clients know that I would be taking the week off. I ended up working a few hours for my main client each morning, but other than that I didn't work hardly at all (well, except to check my email once in a while). ;) I have to admit it was divine. I slept a ton, I watched Netflix movies, I finishing a book that I had started reading seriously around 3 months ago, I played with Candy, We sat by a pool at a local hotel (don't ask how we got in lol), I snuggled with BK, we went hiking at 3 different locations, and the list goes on and on. Little did I know that my boyfriend knew what I needed before I knew what I needed. This is what I learned this past week while I was on on "staycation":
It's Okay to Sleep, and Sleep a Lot

Sometimes you truly don't know how sleep deprived your body is until you actually take the time to listen to your body. Since I took this past week off suddenly I felt free to do whatever I want. And what did I do? The first 2-3 days BK, Candy, and I were sacked out. By sacked out I mean we slept 9-11 hours a night. It felt incredible. I had been working long hours and so had BK and we really needed the sleep. I feel rejuvenated and honestly sometimes a little groggy in the mornings just because I wasn't used to getting that much rest, but it was exactly what my body needed. Of course Candy was there to get lots of sleep too. ;)
Just Unplug Already

As we all know we are in a cell phone and electronic type of society. Everyone is always checking their cell phone or doing something on it. I made a point to put my cell phone down. I didn't do a lot of social media, and I didn't put pressure on myself to do Instagram regularly. I did social media when I had time to do it, and it was nice. Since I do social media on a daily basis for work and for pleasure, sometimes it's important to unplug. Going hiking with my family and enjoying nature outside (I sat outside in the shade several times to read a book) is so much better than checking your phone every 5 minutes.
I Reconnected with BK and Candy

Sometimes because I get so caught up with work and I get stressed out over finishing something that is time sensitive I don't take as much time to really connect with BK and Candy. You know how it is. Life gets busy and it's hard to just relax in one another's presence and just enjoy the moment, without feeling the pressure of life's responsibilities. It was nice just chatting about anything and enjoying the little moments. Reconnecting with your loved ones feels so great and it can help your relationship grow deeper. I played a lot with Candy and gave her lots of love. It was great focusing on BK and my fur baby.
Adventures are Calling

Aren't adventures grand? BK, Candy, and I went to Montana de Oro, which is my favorite state park in Los Osos. It's GORGEOUS there. It truly is my happy place. If you follow me on Instagram whenever I go hiking there I am always posting gorgeous pictures of that place. Many of the trails overlook the ocean and there are quite a few that are right near the ocean, such as Bluff Trail. We hiked 5 miles on Bluff Trail and went down to the tide pools. We let Candy off of her leash where she ran by the ocean. She was in heaven. 
There are so many local activities to do in Central CA. Don't even get me started on hiking. I love finding local adventures, and I love being in California. There are always adventures to be found and I can't wait to find more.
I wish I could have my vacation back. Now that I finally was able to allow my body and mind to rest, I crave more. The good news is that now that I know I'm allowed to take time off (yes I need to give myself permission!) I can plan more vacations in the future. Not only is taking time off fun, but it's needed for your mind, body, and soul. I can't wait for future times to truly take the time to enjoy life and relax. 


  1. you need to move out there already!! i haven't been to CA in years and miss it.

  2. What lovely pics! Rest and adventure both sound fabulous right now! T.

  3. Yes! that's what staycations are for. And so much better when you can spend it with a puppy too!!!

  4. That sounds like a lovely vacation from work. I am a bit of a working bee myself, but I can NOT imagine the work load of my own business. Good thing you caught up on sleep!!

  5. It sounds like you were WELL overdo for a vacation! It's great the three of you got time together and beautiful pics!

  6. We so need to get together...somewhere. Haha. :) CA is such a beautiful state, flawed but beautiful. I always feel at peace here...that is, if I'm not trapped in a boring apartment. ;)


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