Apr 29, 2015

4 Gadgets I Never Thought I'd Own

Recently I've become quite the gadget geek. A year ago if you would have asked me if I would ever try a Kindle I would have responded with a resounding "No!" It's not that I have anything against a Kindle or any gadget for that matter, I just thought I didn't need it or wouldn't use it. Wow was I wrong. Today I have several techy items that I swore I wouldn't get. However as the world changes so do I, and here a few techy things that I love that I never thought I would own.

Hello, iPhone


When I had my Android a few years back I used to tell my boyfriend that I would never switch over to an iPhone. I was convinced that an Android was the best cell phone out there. Well I finally gave an iPhone a try about a year ago (I have the iPhone 5s), and I am hooked. Not only do the apps conflict on this phone a lot less than with the Android, I can take screen shots and do a bunch of other cool things. The only frustration is that sometimes I download SO many apps I don't have enough space to update my phone. Oops!

Entertain Me Kindle Fire

I used to think that a Kindle Fire was so cool, but I never thought I would use it. Why would I need a Kindle when I could do all that and more on my cell? Well, BK gave me one for Christmas last year and I've loved it ever since. You'll find me late at night in bed watching my favorite TV shows on Hulu. This is mainly what I use my Kindle for -- watching TV and occasionally reading. I used to play games but quickly got bored. The Kindle is quickly improving now too with awesome features like the ability to contact customer service on your Kindle itself if something weird happens while you're enjoying the entertainment. And I don't know if it's just me but I'm experiencing far less problems like my Kindle randomly turning off on me. The battery lasts for forever too! I think I've watched four shows in a row (shhh don't tell anyone). Plus they're super affordable unlike the iPad. Sorry, iPad users! ;)

Take Me on an Adventure Kindle Paperwhite

This by far is my favorite gadget and this is the last technology accessory on earth I thought I would buy. I have always been a huge fan of books. I love their smell, turning the pages, and looking at the pretty covers. What sold me on the Paperwhite though was just how many books you can store on it and the backlight that adjusts in any room or outdoor space. I thought about getting a Nook but after already being familiar with my Kindle Fire I decided to stay loyal to Amazon. Just joking, I read about it and it sounded like the perfect accessory for me to encourage me to read more.

Also, after I discovered how much easier it was to read a book on a small tablet as opposed to bringing a bulky book on my travels it was a no brainer! I now bring my Paperwhite with me everywhere and find myself "collecting" books even though I will never run out of space! Speaking of reading, I need to start reading again. My Paperwhite makes it simple to read on the go because it's lightweight and easy to stick in your bag or purse. I love it, seriously.

Make Me Fit Fitbit and Polar FT4

This is one accessory that I haven't used a lot and I'd like to start using it again. I don't think I read enough about it and I quickly grew tired of it. I like that it vibrates when you have met your walking goals -- but I guess I was looking for something to motivate me more, which is why I prefer workout watches that count calories by using your heart-rate. I got the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor and working out has never been so accurate!

What gadgets aka technology accessories have you purchased that you thought you could live without?


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