Apr 3, 2015

Wearing Leggings Under Short Shorts (Yes it's a Do!)

I don't know about you, but leggings worn under shorts are definitely a do! Why? Well if you like wearing short shorts like me but don't necessarily have the legs for them (raises hand) black leggings hide any "flaws" you might have. Plus, who wants to wear shorts shorts during the spring when it's still slightly chilly out? I don't. I just bought a pair of Free People shorts with lace on eBay. According to the sizing they should fit, but everything seems to run small or extremely large on Free People. Sigh. So hopefully they will fit.

Just check them out. Beautiful! ;)

Here are 5 pictures of bloggers and fashionistas who are wearing their shorts with leggings (or tights) underneath with pride. I happen to think they look fabulous! I can't wait to give this look a try myself.





via Dormify


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  1. Yeah, I definitely like tights under shorts but if they're leggings and stop mid-calf I do not! :) Olivia Palermo always looks so dang good.


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