May 2, 2015

12 Sleepy Pups Who Look Adorable Taking a Snooze

Whenever I see my puppy Candy taking a snooze in the middle of the afternoon not only am I jealous, but I love how cute and peaceful she looks. She gets to zone off in the middle of the afternoon while I work and occasionally I sneak a few glances at this adorable pup that just looks too cute for words. Candy knows how to sleep in several different positions too. I'll find her curled tighly in a ball, her head against a pillow, or her legs spread out all the way while she's taking a nap on her stomach. Whatever position she chooses is adorable!

When dogs sleep they often have puppy dreams, and I always wonder what Candy's are about. Is she dreaming of another friend that she's playing with? Is she running after her ball in the field? Whatever she dreams about I have to wonder as I sometimes watch her legs twitch and her body move. From the looks of it she experiences what has to be some pretty intense dreams!

Since we already established that dogs are adorable especially while they're sleeping, I decided to find -- okay stalk -- some pretty cute pups on Instagram. Here are 12 #instapuppy snoozing dogs that I find absolutely adorable, and of course one of Candy's pictures made the list too. ;)

1. I'm Not Sure What This Position is, But it's Cute! 

2. This Shiba Inu Pup isn't Afraid to Sleep in a Plastic Storage Basket! 

3. My Little Miss Morkie Loves Sleeping on Pillows Like She's a Real Human. Wait, isn't She?! 

4. Macy the Morkie Sleeping on the Corner of Mom's Computer While She Works!

A photo posted by MacyTheMorkie (@macythemorkie) on

5. This Lab Thinks Sleeping on Tile is Sooo Comfy! 

6. This Pup was Thinking: Ahh Dad Just Got Back From a Workout, Now I can Sleep

A photo posted by Mr. Louis Pierre (@mrlouispierre) on

7. Time to Nod off into Sleepy Land...

8. Life is Just so Ruff! 

9. Peek a Boo, I See You! 

A photo posted by Sunny & Judy (@sunnyandjudy) on

10. Nap time in the sunshine

A photo posted by Autumn (@sugarcoma75) on

11. Sweet, Sweet Puppy Love

12. Time for Some Sweet Dreams...

A photo posted by Kirby (@kirbztagram) on

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