May 2, 2015

4 Eco-Friendly Frocks on Celebrities that are Inspiring Change

Whenever actresses take a stand and infuse eco-friendly fashion into their wardrobes I am inspired. These women have the ability to touch lives, and what better way to do it then with eco-fashion. With this small act of kindness they're reminding us all that it's the little things that matter and it's the daily choices that we make that can help save our earth. I love that a Hollywood star can choose a gown for an event that's not only gorgeous, but made of eco-friendly materials. Here are 4 stunning dresses that some incredible actresses recently wore:

1) Gina Rodriguez at the 2015 Oscars

Actress Gina Rodriguez went to the Oscars this year wearing an eco-friendly gown made out of environmentally friendly materials. I happen to love this actress and the show she stars in called Jane The VirginThe gown is actually a part of Suzy Amis Cameron's eco-fashion campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress. Gina looks beautiful in a dress that's fabulous and eco-friendly! 
2) Olivia Wilde is the New Face for H&M Conscious Exclusive

Olivia Wilde is the new face for the latest Conscious Exclusive campaign for H&M. The actress is already known for her commitment to environmental and humanitarian work, so naturally she is the perfect fit for the luxurious eco-friendly clothing line. I can't wait to check it out! 

I also have to mention that I think it's amazing that H&M is using their brand name and fashion lines for good. The H&M Conscious Foundation recently donated $100,000 to support the organization Save the Children to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal! 

3) Jessica Alba Stepped out in Eco-Friendly Studio One Eighty Nine Pants

A few weeks ago Jessica Alba who already has an eco-friendly lifed called The Honest Company stepped out in a pair of eco-friendly pants. The stylish pants are from her friend Rosario Dawson’s new eco-friendly line of clothing and accessories called Studio One Eighty Nine. This company uses eco-friendly material like recycled glass beads and vegan leather to create stunning bags, jewelery, and clothing. I checked out the site and they really have some incredible pieces, like this tote.

4) Emily Blunt Wore a Tory Burch Eco-friendly Dress at TIFF
via RCFA

Who doesn't love Emily Blunt? Even though I didn't like Into The Woods, I loved seeing Emily act in it. She always comes alive on screen. Well, in 2012 the stunning actress wore a white dress created out of fabric scraps of previous dresses by the well known designer Tory Burch. What was cool is that the dress was actually created to be a part of the Green Carpet Challenge. This incredible challenge was created by Livia Firth, who is married to the ruggedly handsome Colin Firth.

I love that all four of these ladies are inspiring change not only in their own lives, but they're making it visible through eco-friendly fashion choices that make sense. I only hope that we can inspire to do the same too! 
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