Aug 18, 2015

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Tossing and turning the entire night and waking up exhausted – everyone can relate to this feeling. The reason might vary from person to person, but one of the top causes of these sleepless nights is the wrong mattress. That’s right; mattresses play a critical role in either giving you a good night’s sleep or an uncomfortable one leaving you even more tired.

So, how exactly can you find the right mattress?

Determine Which Type of Mattress Is Perfect For You

There are several types of mattresses available on the market nowadays, but not all are right for you. When you understand what exactly the function of the each of the different kinds of mattresses is, only then you will be able to determine the right one for you.

Following are the some basic mattresses available:

Memory Foam / Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is a brand name, but the majority of the people refer to it as the mattresses with ‘memory foam.’ They also refer it to any other kind of foam that adapts its shape according to your body while you sleep. Remember, this mattress has the tendency to get warm over the course of the night. Because the mattress gets hot, if you want a cooler surface to sleep on or if you live in a warm climate, then this might not be the right mattress for you.

Sleep Number Beds

This type of bed utilises air pressure chambers on the inside of the mattress that can be customised to meet the firmness level you require. You can make it softer or firmer, tilt it in a reclining position, and even opt for a sleep number bed with different chambers on both sides of the bed. You and your partner can also go for a different level of firmness on your respective sides. These mattresses are a bit on the expensive side, though, but more than often worth the higher price.

Plush vs. Firm

Different mattresses come in various levels of firmness and softness. You will find mattresses labelled as firm, extra firm, plush, or extra plush indicating how soft or hard the mattress is. You can opt for whichever one suits you the best. Some mattresses have extra padding on the sides and the top to make it extra soft but are firm enough to offer proper support.
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Tips To Select The Right Mattress

Now that you now the primary types of mattresses available, do take into account the following tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Consult Your Doctor

The best way to determine which mattress type to opt for is to ask your doctor. As per your health condition, your doctor or physical therapist will recommend which one will be best for you.

2. Try It Out Before You Buy It

Always, always, try out the mattress before you buy it. Lie on the ones you have shortlisted for at least 15 minutes. Lying on the bed for this length of time will help you discover whether this is the mattress for you.

3. Check Its Warranty

The good mattresses have at least ten-year warranty.

4. Buy From A Shop That Specializes In Mattresses

A store that specialises in mattresses will have better knowledge and understanding of the intricacies associated with each mattress type and will guide you better.

Remember, the right mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep which will keep you refreshed all day long. Thorough research is critical before making your decision.

Tips offered by Melanie, in-house mattress tester and lifestyle blogger at RealSmart

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