Aug 10, 2015

Shed Ninja Shedding and Slicker Brush Review: Eliminate Shedding and Enjoy Shiny Hair on Your Doggy

Recently I received the Shed Ninja Shedding Brush and their Slicker Brush, which are two tools you can use on your doggy or feline friend. They are both tools that eliminate shedding and also create a shiny and lustrous coat for your fur baby. Out of both products, I like the slicker brush the most, simply because of the sleek design and how shiny it makes Candy's hair.
Candy's hair (yes, she has hair and not fur) is really fine and silky already, so when I used both products on her I was VERY gentle. With any slicker brush that says "gentle bristles," I cannot stress enough that you still have to be super gentle and careful when you brush your fur baby's hair. Shed Ninja's bristles are gentle, but for a small dog under ten pounds and that has silky and fine hair, I would recommend that you use a tool like this sparingly.
Candy is very sensitive when I brush her hair. I actually bought her a small brush for humans from Target and I use that to comb out her hair because it's super gentle. A slicker brush like the one from Shed Ninja is an excellent product, but I would recommend it for a larger dog that has course hair and that sheds a lot. Their products do specify the size of the dog each tool is recommended for, but I think they could make an even smaller tool for our small fur babies. Candy is about 9 pounds and these tools were plenty big for her.

Candy does not shed (well, she has very minimal shedding) and as I mentioned before, her hair is very fine. Both the shedding brush and slicker brush work well with her hair, but I just had to be super careful with both products. I did not press down hardly at all when I used the slicker brush on her coat. In fact, I barely applied any pressure since I did not want to hurt her sensitive skin underneath her hair. After I used the brush I was very pleased! You can see how shiny her coat is below after I brushed her hair with the Slicker Brush.
The 2-in-1 shedding brush is super convenient if you groom your own dog's hair or simply want to get rid of some of your pup's excess hair. The grip on this tool and the slicker brush is great and the rake does an excellent job smoothing out hair (see below). Once again just be cautious when you use the shedding blade as it will take a decent amount of hair off of your pup and if you just got her groomed or if she has fine hair you'll want to be careful. Please excuse Miss Candy's tired face below -- her daddy had just taken her on a walk after these pics were taken. ;)

If you keep your pup's hair short you should rarely use a shedding tool since my guess is your pup does not experience a lot of shedding. However, if you have a Golden Retriever, Silky Terrier or another breed that has long, course, or thick hair (or all of the above) and that sheds a lot these tools are ideal. I am thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd in the future and I think these tools would be excellent for this type of doggy breed.

Overall I think Shed Ninja offers some great doggy friendly tools that can help you keep your fur baby looking pretty! Not to mention you can get rid of some of that hair that would otherwise be on your outfit or sofa. ;)

I recommend their products and am enjoying using them. In addition to snatching up their products on Amazon, you can connect with them on Facebook. Thanks, Shed Ninja! Now it's time for Candy to get some zzz's! As you can see she looks sleepy below! ;)

**This is an honest review by myself from Tomoson. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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