Sep 17, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Pet Health

Jordan Walker has always been passionate for animals. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise about the animal kingdom through pet-related blogs. He leads the content team of Coops and Cages. In this article, he shares some important health facts every pet owner need to know.

Although it sounds great to always provide what’s best for your adorable pets, sometimes, it isn’t always attainable, especially that when it comes to their health, things can get a bit confusing. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Even in your own little way, it is possible to make them happy and healthy. You can always start by knowing these pet health facts:

1. Regular Pet Health Consultation is a Must.

Just like humans, animals also suffer from complications, such as toothache, arthritis, and even congenital problems. And, the best way to avoid any of these is to consult the veterinarian every year.

During an examination, a vet should check on the weight and nutrition of your fluffy pal. He should also provide essential vaccinations, dental check-ups, as well as parasite control.

2. Spaying is a Procedure that Must be Performed at an Early Age.

In the United States alone, there are about 8 to 10 million pets that end up in shelters. While some of them are lost, others are completely homeless.

In order to reduce the number, it is advised that owners must neuter their pets. It is a process that should be performed at an early age, if possible, as early as six to eight weeks.

Spaying doesn’t just reduce the population of lost and homeless pets; it can also benefit the pet. According to studies, it even reduces the risk of certain cancers.

3. Pets Must Keep a Healthy Weight.

Same as to humans, pet obesity comes with health risks, such as arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. 

In many countries, dogs and cats are obese. This is because some pet owners feed them with almost anything at any time of the day. Technically, pets need fewer calories in their body, which means, they need a balanced and nutritious diet. However, to be sure, you can always talk to your vet. He can give feeding suggestions based on the lifestyle of your pet.

4. Pets Need a Happy Environment.

To boost the health and welfare of your feline and canine friends, a happy environment is required. Professionals say that pets also need mental stimulation, which means owners must always give time to walk their pooches.

Also, this may suggest more playing time and exercise. Not only will it prevent them from getting bored, it will also help keep their muscles toned.

5. Pets Must Not Take People Medication.

Medications intended for humans must never be given to pets. It may only lead to death. Human drugs may lead to seizures, kidney damage, or cardiac arrest in your pets.

In the event that your pet accidentally consumed your medication, it is advised that you bring them to the vet immediately.

For many, pets are considered members of the family, more like children. With that being said, they deserve the best possible kind of life an owner can provide to avoid losing them. Though it wouldn’t be that easy to provide them with everything at first, with these facts, you can surely make a difference.

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for 'attempting' to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can reach him via Google+ or Twitter.

Sep 7, 2015

intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review for my iPhone

I was given the IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector for my iPhone 5S to review and I am loving it! The old screen protector on my phone was wearing off since I've had my iPhone for almost a year now. I got my past screen protector at a mall and there was some sticky residue left over after I took the screen protector off that I didn't really care for.

The new screen protector was easy to apply and doesn't have any air bubbles. Check out more reasons below why I'm loving this screen protector below:

They really put a lot of thought into the packaging. The graphics and the way everything is packaged looks amazing. Plus, everything the company advertises outside of the packing is true. In the past I've paid $20 or more for a so-called amazing screen protector. I'm left with a screen protector that's hard to apply, doesn't really seem that clear to me, and doesn't stay on my phone. 

intellGlASS's product was super easy to apply, so far is staying on my iPhone exceptionally well, and I can actually see my iPhone's screen without a glare. Plus, it's thick which makes me feel like if I were to "scratch" my screen the screen protector would do its job. 

Let's talk about how the screen protector came: 
You open up the screen protector case and it's extremely well put together. The application kit is to the left which includes a card to help you apply the glass and an alcohol pad to clean your phone before application. There's also a soft cloth that you can use to wipe off your phone after you use the alcohol wipe. 

On the right side there's the screen protector with instructions. I appreciated that the instructions were short and sweet, making it super easy for me to apply the screen protector to my iPhone. 

Once I put the screen protector on my phone, once again it was easy to apply. I didn't even have to take it off to reapply due to air bubbles. Since it's a thicker screen protector it goes on quickly and easily, as long as you align it right away. 

I'm glad I tried this screen protector; my iPhone looks great! Thanks for intelliGLASS for the opportunity to apply this screen protector!

**I was provided with the screen protector in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.**

Sep 2, 2015

Great Oral Health Probiotics Review: Healthier Gums & Refreshing Taste!

Prior to being contacted by Great Oral Health, I had never tried an oral probiotic for my teeth before. What?! An oral probiotic for my mouth and gums?! I thought I would give it a try and now I have to say I'm a big fan!

So, what do I love about this probiotic?

  1. Fresh breath - After chewing the probiotic, I instantly felt like I had fresher breath. I'm really picky about what I chew (including with mints and gum), so I knew I would be critical about this part. However, the mint taste was pleasantly good tasting and the texture of the pill wasn't very chalky either. Both of these positive factors made it easy for me to chew and shallow!
  2. Healthier gums - After a few weeks of chewing on these minty probiotics, I noticed that my gums looked a lot better. I usually suffer from a touch of gingivitis, so I'm always willing to give oral health care products a shot. This cleared up any gingivitis I have and I'm happy to report I have healthier gums.
  3. Sensitive towards allergies - Many people can't have products that contain wheat, starch, or yeast. This probiotic does not contain any of these ingredients. I'm allergic to dairy so I was slightly concerned when I read "may contain traces of milk," but I did not receive any indigestion or hives after taking this pill so that's good. Generally I'm not SO allergic to dairy that small traces will affect me, but it's nice that they let their customers know there could be dairy in the pills.
Have you tried an oral probiotic for your mouth before? If not, I recommend you try this brand! 

To try Oral Probiotics for yourself, here's a $5 off coupon: QS7ZBOOZ

**This is a sponsored post via Tomoson. All opinions are my own.**

A Woman’s Guide to Avoid Breakages When Moving House

Regardless of when or where you are moving to, the entire process of shifting your belongings from one place to another is very hectic and time-consuming. The pressure doubles if you’re a woman! One of the most common issues that most ladies encounter while moving is the damage caused to their valuable furniture and delicate art pieces. After all, you’re not meant to do the guy’s job. But not only you, even men are not well aware of the expertise required to pack and load the luggage properly, they end up missing their luggage or break them due to careless handling.

So if men cannot handle it well, how can a woman like you survive it? If you follow these five industry-secret tips, you will avoid breakages when moving house like a boss:

1. Starting With the Right Box

Boxes are an essential ingredient to the perfect moving recipe. You need several boxes of various sizes to store your goods and relocate them. It is always advised to opt for corrugated boxes that are specifically designed for moving purposes and can resist minor bumps during the ride. Avoid using grocery boxes or liquor packs as they cannot withstand heavy weights and are not always clean.

2. Packing Goods in a Box

Throwing everything into a box is not what you call proper packing. To save your goods from substantial damage, it is necessary to pack them in an organized manner. Always place heavier items such as books, at the bottom of the box to keep it in equilibrium. This will prevent it from wobbling here and there inside the van or truck. Moreover, use a large box that can accommodate more goods together than using several smaller boxes.

3. Cushioning Each Item Properly 

You should not place your items inside the box directly. Rather, you should use a high-quality cushioning material to separate them from one another. For this purpose, you can use air encapsulate plastic, corrugated separators, crumpled craft paper, etc. Also, ensure that each box has no space left behind, which might cause the goods to move within the box and crash together. If any space is left, fill it with a cushion, bubble wrap, or some old clothes.

4. Close the Boxes

All of your packing and hard work will be of no use if you leave the boxes unsealed. It is, therefore, strictly advised to secure each box with strong box tape that is broader than ordinary tape rolls. However, prior to doing that, count all the items in the box and label the box with the type and number of goods. Labeling them will make it easier for you to find the right box after moving to the new location.

5. Loading the Goods with Care 

Now that you know which box contains fragile items and which one has the heavy ones, place them accordingly in the van. Don’t put heavy items over the delicate ones as they may crush and break them into pieces. If you are relocating goods in two separate vans, it is recommended to load light and heavy luggage separately.

Follow these simple tips and relocate your luggage intact, without any breakages. You will be surprised at how careful you can be, too!

Tips provided by the expert removalist team at, an Australian removalist company.