Sep 2, 2015

A Woman’s Guide to Avoid Breakages When Moving House

Regardless of when or where you are moving to, the entire process of shifting your belongings from one place to another is very hectic and time-consuming. The pressure doubles if you’re a woman! One of the most common issues that most ladies encounter while moving is the damage caused to their valuable furniture and delicate art pieces. After all, you’re not meant to do the guy’s job. But not only you, even men are not well aware of the expertise required to pack and load the luggage properly, they end up missing their luggage or break them due to careless handling.

So if men cannot handle it well, how can a woman like you survive it? If you follow these five industry-secret tips, you will avoid breakages when moving house like a boss:

1. Starting With the Right Box

Boxes are an essential ingredient to the perfect moving recipe. You need several boxes of various sizes to store your goods and relocate them. It is always advised to opt for corrugated boxes that are specifically designed for moving purposes and can resist minor bumps during the ride. Avoid using grocery boxes or liquor packs as they cannot withstand heavy weights and are not always clean.

2. Packing Goods in a Box

Throwing everything into a box is not what you call proper packing. To save your goods from substantial damage, it is necessary to pack them in an organized manner. Always place heavier items such as books, at the bottom of the box to keep it in equilibrium. This will prevent it from wobbling here and there inside the van or truck. Moreover, use a large box that can accommodate more goods together than using several smaller boxes.

3. Cushioning Each Item Properly 

You should not place your items inside the box directly. Rather, you should use a high-quality cushioning material to separate them from one another. For this purpose, you can use air encapsulate plastic, corrugated separators, crumpled craft paper, etc. Also, ensure that each box has no space left behind, which might cause the goods to move within the box and crash together. If any space is left, fill it with a cushion, bubble wrap, or some old clothes.

4. Close the Boxes

All of your packing and hard work will be of no use if you leave the boxes unsealed. It is, therefore, strictly advised to secure each box with strong box tape that is broader than ordinary tape rolls. However, prior to doing that, count all the items in the box and label the box with the type and number of goods. Labeling them will make it easier for you to find the right box after moving to the new location.

5. Loading the Goods with Care 

Now that you know which box contains fragile items and which one has the heavy ones, place them accordingly in the van. Don’t put heavy items over the delicate ones as they may crush and break them into pieces. If you are relocating goods in two separate vans, it is recommended to load light and heavy luggage separately.

Follow these simple tips and relocate your luggage intact, without any breakages. You will be surprised at how careful you can be, too!

Tips provided by the expert removalist team at, an Australian removalist company.

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