Sep 2, 2015

Great Oral Health Probiotics Review: Healthier Gums & Refreshing Taste!

Prior to being contacted by Great Oral Health, I had never tried an oral probiotic for my teeth before. What?! An oral probiotic for my mouth and gums?! I thought I would give it a try and now I have to say I'm a big fan!

So, what do I love about this probiotic?

  1. Fresh breath - After chewing the probiotic, I instantly felt like I had fresher breath. I'm really picky about what I chew (including with mints and gum), so I knew I would be critical about this part. However, the mint taste was pleasantly good tasting and the texture of the pill wasn't very chalky either. Both of these positive factors made it easy for me to chew and shallow!
  2. Healthier gums - After a few weeks of chewing on these minty probiotics, I noticed that my gums looked a lot better. I usually suffer from a touch of gingivitis, so I'm always willing to give oral health care products a shot. This cleared up any gingivitis I have and I'm happy to report I have healthier gums.
  3. Sensitive towards allergies - Many people can't have products that contain wheat, starch, or yeast. This probiotic does not contain any of these ingredients. I'm allergic to dairy so I was slightly concerned when I read "may contain traces of milk," but I did not receive any indigestion or hives after taking this pill so that's good. Generally I'm not SO allergic to dairy that small traces will affect me, but it's nice that they let their customers know there could be dairy in the pills.
Have you tried an oral probiotic for your mouth before? If not, I recommend you try this brand! 

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**This is a sponsored post via Tomoson. All opinions are my own.**

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