Oct 9, 2015

How to Handle Wedding Disasters

There is so much going on at your wedding, and the last thing you want is a disaster waiting to happen. Your soon-to-be bride may feel the wedding jitters, or some of your closest friends may get into an argument that just brings down the vibe of the place. Everyone pictures and desires a beautiful wedding, but we can’t always have what we want can we?

There are some situations that are unavoidable, like bad weather, medical emergencies, and so on. However, most situations that may make your wedding a calamity can be avoided. Here is how you can have a trouble-free wedding that doesn’t end up being a disaster waiting to happen!


More often than not, today, marriage has become a spontaneous decision. This increases the likelihood of disasters as there are so many considerations that you have to address. Your wedding planning should be comprehensive and should start at least 8 weeks before the planned date.
Preplanning gives you an ample amount of time to send invites, book a nice venue, get clothing, appoint bridesmaid and groomsmen, and book the best musicians, caterers, and other servicers for the big day. While marriage can be an impulsive decision, it is best to book a date 2 to 4 months from the time you propose to your significant other.

Delegate the Responsibilities

The last thing you want at your wedding is the musicians arriving late, or the photographer not doing their job right, and other similar dilemmas. One good way to avoid such instances is to delegate the management to a close friend or family member. That way, you can communicate your needs and concerns with your friend who will make sure that all the arrangements at the wedding are made just the way you want.

Do make sure that whoever you delegate the responsibilities to is a natural contender for the job. You don’t want a lazy friend managing your wedding errands because that really won’t work. Having a good friend by your side that takes care of things is a blessing for your wedding. Once it’s all said and done, make sure to return the favor!

Keep the Stress in Check

It’s quite common for the bride and groom to stress out and lose their mind with each passing day. However, if you don’t manage your stress, it will soon show on your face, body, and expressions. Over time, the stress may give you second thoughts about marriage, and having cold feet is never really a good place to be for either the brood or the groom.

Make sure you and your soon to be lawfully wedded partner are enjoying this time as single individuals rather than making it miserable. Indulge in exercise, eat well, and make sure that your friends are around to give you the morale boost you need. Talk to the best friends of your significant others and tell them how much you love your partner. Assurance and peace of mind can go a long way in making your wedding disaster free!

Tips offered by Colin at www.sydneyprincesscruises.com.au

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