Oct 16, 2015

Transforming Day Shoes Into Evening Shoes

For many of us, having that perfect pair of shoes is the cherry on top of a fantastic outfit and can really boost confidence in your evening attire. What’s more, the very thought of leaving your house for work and forgetting those trusted evening shoes isn’t worth thinking about - especially when you had your whole outfit planned.

But, did you know there is a simpler way?

If you are struggling to see how your usual 9-5 footwear could be appropriate for the evening, you need look no further, because these top tips will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to transforming your day shoes into evening shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your checklist at the ready and explore the wonderful range of versatile shoes you could be missing out on.

What shoe works best for you?

It’s true that not everyone is a fan of wearing heels to the office, and depending what your job role is, you may be required to wear something a little more practical. With this in mind, below are a selection of some of the best and most versatile shoes to choose from that can easily carry you through to the evening:


Brogues and loafers are a brilliant way to achieve both comfort and style. They are extremely practical and can really shape an outfit. And, coming in a range of colours, textures and materials, there is certainly a pair of loafers and brogues out there for everyone. From slip-ons to laces, your needs will definitely be catered for when it comes to choosing the style that best suits you.

You can even opt for a patent pair if you wanted to go ultra classic. The patent material would look great with a pair of tights in the winter months or even a pair of cigarette trousers if you are more interested in the chic look. No matter what your taste, these shoes are perfect for any occasion and can instantly transform an outfit.

Ballet Pumps 

If you aren’t keen on wearing high heels, ballet pumps are the shoes for you. They are a delicate choice for an evening occasion without feeling underdressed. Many people favour the classic black option but ballet pumps can come in an array of colours and materials. You can even customise your ballet pumps with pom poms and jewels if you really want to stand out. Or, choose an option like the image below that come with dainty bows for a truly feminine feel.

Ankle Boots 
Never has a season for ankle boots been more inviting than autumn and winter. And as the weather starts to get cooler, a pair of ankle boots are a staple wardrobe item and must-have for creating a variety of looks that will provide both fashion and warmth in one. Perhaps you don’t quite want a pair of high heels but flats just will not do. The ankle boot, therefore, offers a great in-between alternative and they are comfy enough to wear in the day for work, too. It’s win, win all round!

They still offer a platform but are much more practical, so you can still dance the night away without having to worry about taking your shoes off during the night to ease that dreaded sore feet moment.

Chunky Heels
Don’t be swayed into thinking you can’t wear heels in the day and the night. Rather it’s about choosing the best type of heel for the day that will carry you through to the evening - whilst still offering you maximum support and remaining comfortable.

A chunky heel is always a great option because you still get the essence of what a heel can do for your outfit but you will be far more comfy in the long run. Chunky heels can come in the form of court shoes, laced boots or heeled sandals, so there is a pair out there to suit every taste.

Buckled Boots
Buckled boots are a wonderful addition to any outfit and perfect for those after work drinks with friends. Still a boot but with a smaller heel if heeled boots aren’t going to cut it for you.

A classic black pair is always a safe option but buckled boots can range from brown leather, to burgundy suede and everything in between. So you look trendy in both the office and in the evening with a pair of supreme comfy and bang-on-trend buckled boots.

How to customise your shoes to fit the occasion

We have all owned a pair of shoes in a classic neutral shade that seem to go with everything in our wardrobe. And whilst blacks and nudes are brilliant shades to opt for, who’s to say that a bit of customization won’t be an extra special treat?

You can personalise your shoes in a variety of ways from ribbons and bows to glitter and even nail polish. All you have to do is get creative and make your shoes stand out from the rest. This is also another great way to transform your day shoes into evening shoes because with the likes of poms poms and jewels, you can add them and remove them as you see fit. Just be careful with nail polish and glitter because once you have committed, you can’t go back.

When it comes to finding the perfect shoe, everyone is different. That’s why it goes without saying that a variety of choice is a perfect way to discover what works best for you.

From boots to ballet pumps, there are a great selection of shoes out there that are easily transferable from daytime to evening, whilst still remaining fashionable. So you need never worry about packing those extra pair of shoes in your bag when you leave for work in the morning.

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