May 27, 2016

Plan a Romantic Getaway to Tuscany

Anyone knows that if you want to take your relationship up a notch, plan a romantic trip. Not just any trip, a trip where you know romance is everywhere you look. If you’ve been meaning to get away or desire to spend extra time with your significant other, going to Italy would be top on my list. Not only is it super romantic (duh! lol), but it’s a great place to reconnect and make new memories. One place in Italy I’d love to visit in particular is Tuscany. With the rolling hills and happily ever after villas and castles, I'd love to go here with BK and explore the sites. In fact, here are a few activities and ideas that will make your stay in Tuscany extra romantic:

Stay in a castle or stunning villa

Honestly I’d be thrilled to either stay in a castle or villa while in Tuscany, or both if time allows! Both would no doubt be comfy and romantic, especially with all of the scenery surrounding the property! Tuscany villas would make it easy to experience Tuscany with your significant other because villas are private and relaxing. If you have a busy day touring the area I bet it would be delightful coming back to the villa to relax. And let's not forget about the cooking tours in Italy that you can be a part of! Enjoy your stay at a villa while soaking up the culture and eating and making delicious foods. 

The same goes for a castle. Castles are also very quiet and usually are tucked away in an area that’s remote and enchanting. Not only would it be fun to talk about the history behind the castle’s secret past with one another, but you could have fun roaming the castle (if allowed) like Beauty and the Beast. I would love nothing more than being with my love in a castle and then later laying out at the pool while enjoying romantic moments together!

Enjoying the enchanting streets

Of course there are so many quaint towns to discover in Tuscany that will lead you to romantic destinations. I'm talking scenic overviews, lovely churches, and hidden restaurants you may have never normally encountered. Spend your evenings catching up over some delicious pizza and enjoy each other’s company as the sun sets. I don’t know about you but having a vacation in Italy would be romantic and relaxing. Plus it would build my relationship with my love and strengthen our bond.

When you travel do you feel like romantic destinations make your love grow stronger?

May 25, 2016

Laser Age Spot Removal

Age spots are the body’s natural defense mechanism to sun exposure.  By developing these dark colored spots at the skin surface, our body is protecting itself from harmful and potentially cancer causing ultraviolet light.  A common sun spot (also known as a lentigine) is an aggregation of melanocytes or pigmented cells.  They can appear light or dark brown and are usually smaller than a coin.

Although sun spots may be meant to protect us from UV exposure, they can be unsightly.  Luckily, there are excellent options for removing them.  Laser treatments, IPL (photofacials), and liquid nitrogen can all be used for age spot removal.

At Celibre Medical, we prefer laser treatments for the removal of age spots, and in particular, we use q-switched lasers.  Q-switched lasers are designed to remove tattoos, birthmarks, freckles, flat moles and other dark spots or marks.  Because of the high power required to remove birthmarks and tattoos, this type of laser has an easy time of permanently removing sun damage and age spots.  Typically 1-3 visits are required and at our practice, we space these treatments one month apart.  There can be a minor recovery period after the treatment and we refer to this as “social” downtime”. One would not need to take time of work, but there may be darkening, crusting or even light scabbing of the spots that would discourage a patient from working or attending social events.

IPl (Intense Pulsed Light) is another light based option for improving sun damage.  Although not a laser, IPL can be effective in removing some forms of sun damage.  Like lasers, there may be some flaking or crusting after treatment that may result in several days of social downtime or recovery.
A more traditional method of treating age spots is liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen has been used for many years to remove sun spots and can be effective.  The drawback is that the process creates a significant injury to the skin which can result in deeper scabbing and hyperpigmentation that does not accompany laser treatments.

Guest Blogger Kevin DiCerbo is the Director of Celibre Medical. He has been working side by side with Dr. Harold J Kaplan since 2004 and has managed Celibre Medical since its inception. He is a certified medical laser safety office (CMLSO) and uses his knowledge of laser physics to help patients understand laser treatments. He has a BS in Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA.

May 4, 2016

7 Ways to Give Your Home and Wardrobe a Warm Weather Makeover

Spring and summer bring thoughts of lightness and brightness. Sunny days, outdoor fun and new beginnings are all things we associate with the warm-weather season.

And after a long winter season, we can easily acknowledge that our cold weather wardrobe and home decor simply do not match the spring and summer mood.

The desire to reflect this seasonal change often stirs in us, and we want the appearance of our home and wardrobe to match the warmth the weather brings. However, giving our wardrobe and home a complete overhaul would be downright costly and overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming.

But by making just a few simple changes, transforming a wardrobe and home for the warm weather season can actually be a pretty simple process. All you have to do is follow a few no-sweat steps, and spring and summer will easily be found in your home and wardrobe in no time.

1. Jazz Up Your Window Sill: The window sill is the perfect place to display signs of spring and summer. After all, this is where the glorious sunshine of the season pours in. Place a few glass mason jars on your windowsill and fill them with bright, dried herbs (like red pepper flakes, basil, and yellow mustard seed powder). The display will brighten the space and serve a practical purpose too.

2. Add Color to Your Kitchen Table: The warm season calls for pops of color. The kitchen table provides an ideal space for bright, vibrant colors to be displayed. Placemats offer just enough splash of color for spring and summer, and the good news is you can easily make them yourself! All you need is fabric, scissors, a ruler, iron and fusible bonding web (adhesive for fabrics found in craft stores). Because you are making these yourself, you will be able to pick out your own color and fabric design for the placemats. Voila! Spring and summer will be represented exactly the way you want it to!

3. Brighten Up Your Luggage: There are two ways you can brighten up your luggage this spring and summer. You can splurge on a new luggage set or you can spend some DIY time spicing up the old. A very easy DIY way of accomplishing this task is to change up the handle of your luggage. Simply find a bright and vibrant scarf that you already have and wrap the scarf securely around the handle. This step will change the entire appearance of your luggage, making it reflect spring and summer in a unique way.

4. Display Colorful Fresh Flowers: Of course flowers are instantly associated with spring and summer. Therefore, flowers become a must-have home accessory in this season. A beautiful yet simple way to display fresh flowers is to add color to mason jars by using spray paint. This step beautifies the jar and allows flowers to be displayed for everyone to see and enjoy.

5. Decorate Scarves: You can easily bring the spring and summer seasons into some of the scarves you already have on hand. No need to buy new ones! Gather your plain scarves and buy some colorful acrylic craft paint to use on them. Before you paint your scarves, add some water to the paint to make it easier to work with. This quick and easy project will give you a perfect accessory to dress up your wardrobe!

7. Upgrade Your Old Jeans: Before tossing out your old jeans, why not transform them for the warm weather season? You can easily embellish your jeans to your liking by using little gold or silver stones that you find at the craft store and by following just a few easy steps. You will be amazed at how fresh and revived your jeans will look for the season!

Aimee Lyons is a twenty-something free spirit who loves crafting, painting, building, and anything else that lets her exercise her creative muscles. A born do-it-yourself kind of girl, she started to inspire others to embrace their inner creators and tackle projects with confidence. When she isn’t crafting, you might find her vintage shopping or taking her Corgi Champ out exploring in her hometown of Austin, Texas.