May 27, 2016

Plan a Romantic Getaway to Tuscany

Anyone knows that if you want to take your relationship up a notch, plan a romantic trip. Not just any trip, a trip where you know romance is everywhere you look. If you’ve been meaning to get away or desire to spend extra time with your significant other, going to Italy would be top on my list. Not only is it super romantic (duh! lol), but it’s a great place to reconnect and make new memories. One place in Italy I’d love to visit in particular is Tuscany. With the rolling hills and happily ever after villas and castles, I'd love to go here with BK and explore the sites. In fact, here are a few activities and ideas that will make your stay in Tuscany extra romantic:

Stay in a castle or stunning villa

Honestly I’d be thrilled to either stay in a castle or villa while in Tuscany, or both if time allows! Both would no doubt be comfy and romantic, especially with all of the scenery surrounding the property! Tuscany villas would make it easy to experience Tuscany with your significant other because villas are private and relaxing. If you have a busy day touring the area I bet it would be delightful coming back to the villa to relax. And let's not forget about the cooking tours in Italy that you can be a part of! Enjoy your stay at a villa while soaking up the culture and eating and making delicious foods. 

The same goes for a castle. Castles are also very quiet and usually are tucked away in an area that’s remote and enchanting. Not only would it be fun to talk about the history behind the castle’s secret past with one another, but you could have fun roaming the castle (if allowed) like Beauty and the Beast. I would love nothing more than being with my love in a castle and then later laying out at the pool while enjoying romantic moments together!

Enjoying the enchanting streets

Of course there are so many quaint towns to discover in Tuscany that will lead you to romantic destinations. I'm talking scenic overviews, lovely churches, and hidden restaurants you may have never normally encountered. Spend your evenings catching up over some delicious pizza and enjoy each other’s company as the sun sets. I don’t know about you but having a vacation in Italy would be romantic and relaxing. Plus it would build my relationship with my love and strengthen our bond.

When you travel do you feel like romantic destinations make your love grow stronger?

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