Jul 23, 2016

Creative Ways to Add Copper Tones to Your Home

You might be noticing that copper is making an appearance in homes and looking great doing it! Do you want to get in on this style? Copper became a big design trend in 2015, and it’s still incredibly popular.

Copper provides a warmer and softer statement as an alternative to stainless steel, and it can create a very rustic or modern look depending on how you use it. There are so many ways you can add copper into your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular places to incorporate copper. Whether you want to make a big statement or just add a small touch, there’s something for you. For a big copper statement, you can add a copper backsplash in the color and pattern of your choosing. This will instantly transform your kitchen into a unique and modern area. Another idea is to add a copper sink or stove hood. These will draw the eye toward that piece. You’ll feel like you’re cooking in a Food Network kitchen!

For smaller hints of copper, you can find items like salt and pepper shakers, pitchers, mixing bowls, cocktail mugs and silverware made in copper tones. These will give a hint of copper glimmer without overwhelming the kitchen. You can also find small copper fruit bowls to display on your kitchen table with fresh fruit, which will add a classy and sophisticated touch.

In the living room

Copper accents in the living room or other living areas can create a cozy atmosphere and make your home look fancy at the same time. These accents are easy to add, too. For instance, copper wire baskets are perfect for storing magazines or blankets, and they look great next to your couch or by the fireplace.

Copper picture frames are ideal to use to showcase your favorite memories. You can display the frame on your coffee table or hang it on the wall. You can also add a few fresh flowers in a copper vase to draw attention and add a little cheer to your space.

Feeling like a DIY project? Try your hand at copper hooks that look like piping and add a unique and functional touch to any room or hallway. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your living room with copper

In the bathroom 

If you want to take your bathroom to the next level, there are a few copper projects you can try that will do just that. One idea is to hang a copper-framed mirror, which will lend some personality to your bathroom. You can also add a copper pipe toilet paper holder for a little touch of industrial flair.
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even swap your flooring for a floor made out of pennies. This takes some patience and hard work, but it’ll pay off if you want to make a statement in your bathroom.

In an outdoor space

You can always take the copper trend outside, too! Purchase copper-plated house numbers to spice up the front of your home. Another super cute and fun idea is to spray paint cans in a copper color and use them as planters for herbs. Don’t forget to display these where all of your neighbors can see them and be jealous.

Add a burst of copper anywhere

An additional way to add copper into your home is by using copper lighting fixtures. Since copper lighting can enhance just about any room, it’s in a category all its own! There’s a wide array of style and fit options, no matter what your taste may be or where you want your lighting to be installed. All it takes is a quick Pinterest search, and you’ll spend hours looking through the endless possibilities.

However you decide to add copper to your home, it’ll add personality and a unique look to every room!

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