Jul 24, 2016

Summer Traveling Tips For Riding With Our Furry Friends

Everyone knows how much I love my little Miss Morkie, Candy, and one of the many things we enjoy doing together is traveling. But carting around a little canine can have some pitfalls, so we need to be sure we’re protecting our pets from possible perils.

Now that the temperatures are beginning to rise, while we all know not to leave a dog alone in a car, not even for one minute, but we should also be on the lookout for signs of dehydration during this time of year, which can include:

Excessive panting and/or drooling
Vomiting or diarrhea
Lethargy, listlessness or being overly tired
A lack of appetite
Tacky, dry gums
A rapid heart rate

One quick little trick to check for dehydration, since a loss of elasticity in the skin is also a symptom, gently pinch your dog’s skin with your thumb and forefinger. Upon your release, it should quickly release itself back in position. If there’s a delay, there could be a problem and you should take your pet to the vet immediately, especially if they’re showing other symptoms as listed above.

Barefooting with our buddies

Whether we’re traveling to the beach with our best friend or simply taking them on a stroll down the lane, the summer sun can really heat up the surfaces we’re walking on. Although the neighbors think I’m insane for walking my dog while I’m barefoot, I figure if the sidewalk is too hot for my feet, then it’s too hot for hers.

At the very least, you should feel the sidewalk, sand or another surface your dog will be walking on and make sure it’s not too hot for them. Minimally speaking, it could be painful for them and on a more serious note, they could suffer a nasty burn.

We all love our four-legged friends and want to do our very best to keep them safe. Check out this infographic on “Travel Tips For Road Trips With Your Dog.” There’s no reason we can’t take our pets out on the road with us, but we also want them to enjoy the ride.


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