Aug 15, 2016

How a Watch Can Increase Your Productivity

Every day fills up with small appointments and deadlines that you must meet to stay on top of things. Time can easily slip away, making you late to important social or business meetings—this can spell trouble for both your professional and personal life! There’s one simple solution to staying in control of your day: wearing a watch. Read on to discover how a watch can increase your level of productivity.

Cut Down On the Time It Takes to Get Dressed

Women are notorious for spending a lot of time getting ready to go out. Between applying makeup, choosing an outfit, and making sure you have everything you need ready to go, the minutes fly by, and before you know it, you’re late to your engagement. With a wristwatch, you can glance down and instantly know how much time you have left before you need to be out the door.

Make It to Your Dates On Time

Some people can get annoyed when a date shows up late. Don’t make this mistake! First impressions are very important, and your perfect outfit, conversation, and charm may not be enough to compensate for being late. By wearing a watch, you can constantly monitor your schedule and make the adjustments to right on time—or ideally early—so that your date can start off on the right foot.

Avoid Looking at Your Smart Phone

Most people check the time with their phone. However, constant notifications and messages can distract you from the task on hand. The next thing you know, you’ve been flipping through pictures on Instagram for twenty minutes and wasted a bunch of time. Avoid distracting yourself by wearing a watch. When you want to know the time, you can find out in one look and go right back to getting things done. Your productivity and efficiency will increase as you look at your phone less.

Keep Track of Time Underwater

There’s nothing more relaxing than going to the beach or the pool for a dip and some afternoon tanning. However, when you’re lying there basking in the sun half-asleep, you can easily lose track of time. You can easily ruin the whole afternoon by losing track of time and packing up in a hurry to run to your next social obligation. A watch is the perfect thing to help you keep track of how long you’ve been at the beach and when you need to start heading back. If you spend a lot of time underwater, get your hands on quality diving watches so that you can check the time while you’re still in the water!

Stay on Schedule

It can be easy to lose track of time, get side swept by daydreams, and be late to your next social or business occasion. Instead of constantly disappointing others and running behind on your schedule, let a watch keep you up to task and on time. You’ll be surprised by how efficient and productive you can become simply by staying aware of time. With proper time management, you can also notice extraneous stress melt away. Open your life to new opportunities and newer vistas by wearing a fashionable watch and staying on time.


Author Bio:

Chetan is a professional life coach, mentor, and freelance lifestyle writer from Colorado Springs, CO. By emphasizing the little distractions that hinder productivity, she is able to maximize on productivity by pointing out creative ways to become more efficient. With this approach, she has helped many clients reach their personal goals and embrace a refined version of their ideals. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, and bicycling.

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