Aug 28, 2016

My Tahari ASL Daytime Dresses Wishlist

I'm always looking for new clothing to wear because I happen to love keeping up with the latest trends and fashion statements. Even though I work at home doesn't mean I can't appreciate the styles and even wear a few when I go out and visit with friends and family!

Recently I came across Tahari ASL, and if you haven't heard of this brand, they offer effortlessly chic and work appropriate clothing that's stunning. In particular, I love their daytime dresses, which are perfect for me to wear for a summer or fall time outing, paired with a jacket when the weather cools down.

Why don't you check out some of my favorite daytime dresses and let me know what you think!

Textured Scuba Side-Laced Sheath

I love this Textured Scuba Side-Laced Sheath dress because it's simple, classic, and works to wear during a variety of occasions. In particular, I adore the ruched side that’s laced up with brushed golden grommets. I'm a sucker for anything ruched or laced up on the side or top of a blouse, for example. There's something incredibly sexy and romantic about this look. 

Watercolor Print Sheath


Another design element and pattern I absolutely love is anything watercolor and this dress not only has a watercolor print, but it comes in my favorite color shades: turquoise and blues! This streamlined watercolor print sheath is definitely something I would wear all season long and living in California; this dress would look perfect anywhere I go! 

Drawstring-Waist Crepe Shirtdress


I happen to love shirtdresses because they are casual yet very dressy, like this dress. I love the color and style of this Drawstring-Waist Crepe Shirtdress and the drawstring waist and rolled sleeves are two details I really like. 

With fall approaching, I can totally see myself wearing this dress with a jean jacket and flip flops. It's a great piece to wear when transitioning into the fall time but still works to wear throughout the autumn months. 

Metallic Column Gown


The dress above isn't one of Tahari's daytime dresses, but it's absolutely stunning, so I had to include it. If I was single and was going on The Bachelor, the Metallic Column Gown is a dress that would be included in my wardrobe. It's absolutely gorgeous, romantic, and 100% my style. I could go on and on about this romantic dress. 

So that's my Tahari ASL wishlist. I love how they offer a variety of fashionable clothing, from suits to dresses, giving you a wide range to select from for work and more. They also have a women's plus separates category, which I love.

If budget wasn't a concern, which dresses would you purchase for the fall time? 

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