Aug 15, 2016

Top Trends to Expect During Fall and Winter 2016

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Hundreds of designers and their protégés reveal their newest ideas and biggest surprises in preparation for fall and winter styles.

Taking cues from spring’s February fashion week, there are several trends you can expect to continue throughout the rest of the year. Check out the list of popular trends that you can expect to see during the 2016 fall and winter seasons.

Statement Fur

Fur will be everywhere on the runway—from cross shoulder styles to embellished shirts. However, the real star will be the statement fur. Bold colors, daring prints, and unique designs are extremely popular, and every piece makes for a dazzling ensemble.

Earlier this year, statement fur made a splash on the runway as well. While most coats were favored with the street-style crowd—like Michael Kors’ pink cotton candy coat—there were also a few that aimed for polished refinement. Oscar De La Renta’s sleek burgundy, white, and black creation was a prime example!

Gold and Tinsel

In the past, gold, silver, and other metallic styles belonged strictly to glitzy senior citizens and Las Vegas party girls. However, thanks to the 2016 spring runway, fashion has reclaimed these fabulous metallic colors and tinsel.

This fall, expect to see metallic tinsel embellishments on Alexander McQueen’s breathtaking gowns and Erdem’s feathered and fringed dresses, as well as a colorful metallic shine in every single one of Wolk Moais unisex pieces. These are incredible color statements to include into your fashion-forward outfits!

Renaissance Women

Renaissance designs will flood the runway with corsets and embroidery to Victorian-inspired sleeves and empire waists. Balmain’s new line specifically looks to include corsetry and embroidery in many of the designs. Other designers bring rich brocade and deep colors to the runway, modernizing classic designs with contemporary accessories and shoes.

Turtlenecks and Dresses

Trends that serve as seasonal transitions are always popular on the runway. This year, expect to see summer dresses over autumn shirts and tights. Textured and embroidered tights will be worn under simple, solid color pieces, while busy, patterned dresses will benefit from the soothing effect of a single-color turtleneck.

This style is particularly easy to mimic off the runway; all you need to do is pair your favorite summer dress with a turtleneck or some leggings. Online boutique stores, like The Pink Lily Boutique, provide a variety of seasonal clothes that can be stylized for a number of seasons, depending on the outfit and the accessories. Ultimately, your fashion sense should circle around the idea that seasons could be blended for a stylistic effect.


The runway is where the most over-the-top pieces belong. Since everyone is accustomed to seeing extravagance, adding ruffles to an ensemble can create that extra dramatic effect. This fall and winter season, you can expect to see a profusion of layers and tiers in shirts, dresses, and even jackets. As a close relative of the ruffle, the capelet will also make a surprise appearance.

Ruffles of exaggerated proportions were utilized on the spring runway with a powerful effect. Expect to see Jill Stuart transition her structured, high fashion ruffles from spring to fall by creating asymmetrical lines and utilizing fall floral patterns. This is one style you won’t want to miss!

From the runway to the closet

So many of these runway trends utilize spectacular statement pieces as the main event. To make these items wearable for day-to-day activities, tone down the drama and introduce your fashion sense with flair. Bring your favorite pieces from the New York runway to your closet by combining them with quality basics, like District Clothing tees, tanks, and raglans. By supplementing casual attire with high-fashion, you can ensure that your wardrobe will be on-point and ready to impress, no matter the occasion.

Author Bio:

Melanie is a fashion designer and freelance fashion writer from Los Angeles, California. As a regular attendee to many international fashion shows, she gathers inspiration from a number of designers and strives to combine a variety of styles into her collection. When she is not busy styling her clients and setting new fashion trends, she enjoys sewing and reading.

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