Sep 25, 2016

Cocktail Dresses Are In Vogue For Modern Women

Fashion is a fast changing industry. That’s why they say fashion is made to become unfashionable. The fashion designers come up with new trends and styles almost every other day, and it becomes hard to keep up with fashion. Although there is one think that is always the “in” thing. Cocktail dresses are in vogue and almost never can be termed “out of fashion”. It is a fashion statement for the modern women. It can be the finest addition to a great party with family or friends. Whether you are willing to enter a dance club or just want to attend a formal official party, these dresses will always top the chart. Go for blue black, beige or a dashing red cocktail dress and make heads turn. You are sure to make jaws drop, eyes pop, and hearts skip several beats!

Areas to Buy These Dresses From

Whether you are looking for sleeveless cocktail dresses or just want to flaunt the off-shoulder style, you want it in a lacy cut-out style or in sexy sequins – you just name it, and you will find it. The apparel stores and designer boutiques are providing dresses in various colors and styles, to suit your taste. It is the finest example of a modern outfit, for a modern woman.

·    There are various places, from where you can find such dresses. Online shopping is on the high, and you will see some cool designs and colors that are trendy.
·    The little black dress or better known as LBD is in vogue. This is a must have in every modern woman’s wardrobe. As defined by the name, it is available in black shades, but in various designs. You won’t find a western apparel outlet for the modern woman in your favorite shopping mall, without a mannequin or hangers that adorn the LBD.

These are the 4 Most Famous Body Types for Women:

  • ·       Apple: If you have broader shoulders and hips with narrower hips
  • ·       Banana: If you have a rectangular body
  • ·       Pear: If you have narrow shoulders but are broader at the hips
  • ·       Hourglass: The dream figure for any woman, with a thin waist and broad shoulders and hips.

Elements To Look For In a Cocktail Dress

While all these cocktail dresses are all unique, you will find some common features in them. The basic elements to look for are gown lengths, shoulder styles and the fabrics used.

Style and Type of Cocktail Dresses

Before you invest money in any of these dresses, make sure to consider your body type and structure first. These dresses are mostly body hugging. Choose a design that you can carry well.
·    Knee length dresses look classy and seem to be popular, but you will find cocktail dresses 6 inches above knee length and in full length too.
·   Check out the shoulder style, before making a purchase. Some of the options are a thick strap, one shoulder, strapless, spaghetti strap and more. Choose a style that you feel comfortable in
·   You will find them in various designs that flatter a neck, shoulder, and back. The halter neck, backless, shoulders less, plunging necklines, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to fashion and when you pick your cocktail dress, it must speak your attitude.

Checking Out on Fabric

The fabric for cocktail dresses is truly diverse. It is available in natural textiles and manmade materials, as well. At some point in time, these dresses were manufactured using a medley of fabrics, for creating a unique style.

·   The dress fabric is practically divided into two major classes; manmade fibers and natural ones. Examples of natural fibers are silk, cotton, hemp, bamboo and other forms of vegetable fibers.
·    Manmade ones are even termed as synthetic fibers. Well, some available options are acrylic, spandex, nylon, polyester, modal, and even rayon.
·   You will come across a wide assortment of manmade and natural fibers for making the perfect cocktail apparel. Well, some materials are better avoided for their rugged or too coarse features.
With this knowledge on cocktail dresses and your body type, choose the one that would best suit you. Remember it is not the dress; it is how gracefully you can carry it off!

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