Oct 7, 2016

My Simply Be Fall Fashion Wishlist - I Want it All!

Now that fall is in full session; I have been having a hard time not buying up everything I love, especially when it comes to my favorite online sites like Simply Be. It's just too tempting not to snatch up a few fall favorites, but I digress.

Fall happens to be my favorite season not just because it gives me an excuse to eat pumpkin pie, sip on hot chocolate and appreciate the cooler temps, but it also happens to be when my birthday takes place. Oh, and did I mention that fall is also when my boyfriend's, Morkie Candy's, my niece's birthdays all take place too -- and well -- you get the picture. It's a fun time of year for me!

But circling back around to one of my favorite topics -- i.e., clothing -- who doesn't love the changing seasons solely because it's a hobby of mine (and probably yours too) to stock up on new fall ensembles?!

What makes this season even more exciting is shopping. I admit I've already bought a few items for fall and I can't wait to get some more, especially to hold me through the winter. I also can't wait to start planning my outfits for Christmas time -- oooh that sounds like so much fun!

Since I couldn't resist scouring Simply Be's site for the latest and greatest trendy silhouettes, I decided to make a fall fashion wishlist. Are you ready to see my favorites? By the time you get done reading this I'm pretty sure you'll want some of these current items as well. Trust me! 

Floral Bomber

Find this pretty little number in the Women's Coats category is gorgeous. The striking floral bomber is not only ideal for fall, but it's perfect for spring and beyond. Plus, can we just talk about these florals? I never get tired of florals -- so cute!

Simply Be Lace Bomber Jacket

Feminine and flattering, this lace bomber jacket is the ideal coat for layering. I happen to love to layer, especially when I visit my family in Arizona because sometimes it's hot and then other times it's cold. Yep, that's AZ for you. ;) This bomber jacket is not only pure perfection because it's made with lace, but because it's great for layering. I want it right now!

Bambi Pyjama Set

Anyone who knows me well knows I adore anything Disney related. So when I saw these super cute PJ's under Simply Be's Women's Pyjamas category, I couldn't help but scream a little inside because I love Bambi and I love being comfy!! Actually, I'm very tempted to get these after I finish this post because they are that cute. Plus, I've been looking for some new warm nightwear since it's starting to cool down in SLO. Now I want this Bambi Pyjama Set stat!

Sequin Shell Top

Since I plan to go out a few times with the girls during the holidays I'll definitely need a few cute tops to wear. The Pink Sequin Shell Top above is super stylish, don't you think? I can definitely picture wearing it with a pair of leggings, cute but fashionable ballerina flats, and of course, my new wristlet. Yes, please!

'Merry Christmas' T-Shirt

Last but not least, I am in love with this 'Merry Christmas' T-Shirt and I'm not just saying that. It's exactly what I have been looking for to wear during the holidays and I think I'm going to have to snatch this one up too. It's cute, casual, and chic!

So as you can see, there are lots of pretty silhouettes to select from on Simply Be, and I can't wait to browse the site even more. I love that they offer a variety of sizes for curvy women like myself. They also have a ton of lace, floral, and other trendy patterns. This site definitely reflects my style in every sense of the word.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall and which out of the 5 clothing items I posted above do you like the best?

Happy fall time shopping!

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