Oct 18, 2016

The Irony of Wildlife and Nature with Kids an Captivity

Living in the Sierras has so many beautiful and wonderful rewards, but it does come with some risks associated with possible encounters with some of its dangerous wildlife. While coming across a mountain lion can be terrifying in this mountainous terrain, even the presence of birds can be traumatic, depending on the circumstance.

Here’s an obvious nod to Tippi Hedren, the star of one of the most classic horror movies of all times during the days of the Silver Screen. While filming the Alfred Hitchcock classic “The Birds,” she was still an avid animal rights activist. Ironic, isn’t it?

But this begs an important question, when we’re living and traversing in these beautiful settings, is wildlife really problematic, who is the real intruder, the predator or the prey? Some of us recall some recent headlines when mixing nature and nurture, this is not only dangerous, but it can be deadly, especially for youngsters.

Dangerous Confines

In the recent past, there have been headlines of humans who have encountered wildlife that were killed or injured by mountain lions while they were jogging through the woods or bear attacks to unsuspecting campers, but what about animals attacking children? Even at the happiest place on earth, kids are vulnerable to wildlife threats when we remember a recent event at Disney World.

The tragic death of a child, who was dragged underwater by an alligator being kept in captivity at this amusement park reminds us that these animals are still a threat and shouldn’t necessarily be confined. The animal in this instance probably shouldn’t be held accountable, nor should their parents, but rather those who caged a wild animal and expected it to be tame in a public setting.

Outrage Or Innocence 

On the other side of the world, headlines of another, somewhat similar event with a toddler in crocodile infested waters, also went viral and caused outrage and worldwide concern. A couple years previous to the Disney event, images of a baby in Australia, splashing and playing in waters known to be the playground of crocodiles, sent parents into a tizzy on a global level.

In the land down under, the parents of this little one immediately went on the defensive claiming some of the pictures were misleading. In one shot, it appears as if the toddler was left alone in the water, but it’s clear that the guardian taking the picture was only a few feet away at the time.

Background & Opinions

In the backdrop of this picture of the baby bathing alone, the depth of the water is recorded at just under a meter, which is said to be prime crocodile hunting grounds according to the locals. In another shot, a father figure is seen happily playing with the baby inside these shallow waters.

Luckily, nothing happened to the infant or anyone else in the area, but it does make one wonder how safe it is to have children in the great outdoors. If you compare these two instances, it would seem that the child in a public place was at a much bigger risk when compared to the infant in the water where there could have been wild animals present.

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