Nov 20, 2016

5 Top Fall Fashion Trends

Seasons come ago and along with them, so do fashion trends. As the weather begins to get colder, it’s time to reorganize our closets and bid adieu to the trends of summer and spring. Read on to discover the top five fashion trends of 2016.


Once considered the fabric faux-pauxs are made of, velvet is making a big comeback this fall season. As a dense and heavy fabric, velvet is ideal for cooler weather with multiple style delivery systems.

If you feel like going all-out on this velvet trend, the bomber jacket is a perfect canvas. Mostly worn in a masculine type outfit with pants, the velvet bomber will instantly feminize any outfit with a retro vibe. Accessorize it as you would any bomber jacket, with patches and pins that show off your personality. You can also take a note from glam rockers like Patti Smith and David Bowie, who took velvet platform boots to center stage. For a reminiscent 90’s velvet look á la J-Lo, the jumpsuit is a tried and true party favorite.


A coat and accessory rolled into one, capelets are the best of both worlds. A truly versatile piece, capelets can be worn over a blouse, t-shirt, or dress. They’re ideal for fall weather when it’s too cool for no sleeves and too warm for a full-blown coat. Best of all, there’s no universal style for capelets, as they come in any fabric and color.

For a girl-next-door look, opt for a knitted capelet with a homemade bow fastener. For a country look, choose a lace or plaid capelet with rustic buttons. You can also dress capelets up, by wearing them in chic black with highly polished fasteners. Just add a pair of boots and voilà—you’re the trendiest girl in sight!

Puffer Jackets

Typically worn on snow-capped mountaintops, puffer jackets were nowhere to be seen in weather conditions above 60 degrees. Now, colder weather lends itself to trendy fashion with an apres-ski inspired chic look, puffer jackets are hot once again.

A puffy jacket and symbol of wealth rolled into one, it’s no surprise that puffers are pairing with more elegant clothing. One major trend in Fall 2016 fashion is topping the puffer over evening dresses and more polished looks. This creates a pleasing juxtaposition that merges the high and low fashion realms. If you’d like to copy this look, choose a puffer that is in a solid dark tone. Pair it with an outfit or dress in a dark hue, as well.


Reminiscent of men’s business suits and smoking lounges, pinstripes emulate an aura of power and class. Once an exclusive style for conservative business dress, pinstripes are dominating the runways and streets in 2016.

Although there are multiple ways to wear the pinstripe pattern, a foolproof classic outfit is a jumpsuit or pants. For events where you need to look professional yet want to show off a little bit of style, pinstripes are a great way to leave a lasting impression. Pair them with darker colors like navy and black, and add a pair of black pumps. Top off your look with a matte red lipstick and minimal makeup to perfect the look.


Although not much of a surprise, gloves are going to be a hit this fall season. Except these aren’t your grandmother’s gloves. Designers are combining multiple fabric trends to create the ultimate outfit finisher. The most prominent glove trend is an embellished or floral glove. Topped off with multiple 3D designs, these gloves are formal and cute. Worn with either a sleeveless or short sleeve top, these gloves will be the center of attention at any party.

Whether you want to go for the classic driving gloves, or wish to successfully pull off an Amal Clooney moment, gloves are a cute way to stay warm this fall season.

For more Fall 2016 style inspiration, check out fall fashion trends and online fashion boutique collections. Now you can stay on top of the fall trends from the comfort of your own home.

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