Jan 18, 2017

How to Accessorize With Turquoise Jewelry for a Seamless Look

Whether you’ve amassed a huge collection of gorgeous turquoise jewelry or you’re feeling recently inspired after a trip through the American Southwest, we’re here to help you discover how to incorporate the distinctive greenish-blue hue into autumnal pieces you already love.

What makes turquoise jewelry work for fall 

Often, fall fashions move into a much more neutral territory. Whites, creams, and grays become staple pieces, usually paired with one deeply hued autumnal color (think mauve, burgundy, or mustard). Turquoise is incredibly versatile and works with all of these shades. Wear a statement turquoise necklace when you’re feeling like your outfit is a little boring color story-wise and needs some brightening.

Similarly, fall fashions tend to move away from bold prints and patterns, which works perfectly with turquoise accessories. The complex, intricate look of turquoise pairs much better with solids than prints. This is because of the irregular coloring and specks of different shades in turquoise jewelry will often draw out lovely colors and tints from almost any color.

While turquoise can work well with a print, we usually recommend pairing it with a solid. In this case, however, a turquoise bead necklace would look much better as there are many stones to contrast and highlight your bold solid top, dress or jacket.

Most importantly, turquoise looks great with all skin tones. If you find yourself a bit more pale in the fall and winter, then this can work wonders. Turquoise drop earrings will bring out pleasant, natural undertones from your complexion, especially when paired with a natural makeup look.

These are just a few reasons why we believe the turquoise jewelry trend of 2016 will continue far into 2017. The versatility of turquoise jewelry makes it an incredible investment for many seasons.

Turquoise complements other accessories

If you’re a gal who likes to mix and match multiple pieces, then try working some turquoise jewelry into your regular rotation. Metallics (especially silvers and golds) beautifully draw out nice tones from turquoise. Teal and silver add a cool sleekness to any look, even when not incorporated into the same piece. A cute teal clutch can bring out the shimmer you love so much in your favorite gold rings.

Check out this list of 30 ways to mix turquoise and teal work clothes for women to get some ideas. See which outfits shown remind you of pieces you already own and then pair from there. For example, a turquoise jacket with matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet work beautifully with an orange top and jeans.

Get adventurous

Most of us associate a change in hair color with spring and summer, but there’s no reason a drastic ‘do can’t bring some energy to your fall wardrobe. It’s not quite an accessory, but turquoise hair (whether all around, streaks, or as part of an ombre dye job) can bring some nice brightness to the traditionally darker and neutral hues of autumn looks.

Check out this list of turquoise hair color ideas for 2017, for instance. You can see a wide range of hues; consider which works best with your skin tone and wardrobe. If you’re unsure about it, try out a washout hair dye for a fun evening out. Even some teal eyeshadow can suffice for a trial run if you have trepidation about going so bold.

Then use turqouise accessories to draw attention to your new gorgeous locks. Rings and cuffs are a fantastic way to reference your hair (necklaces and earrings might distract too much by not being the exact shade as your hair color).

Whatever perfect piece of turquoise jewelry you’re looking for, from over-the-top gorgeous necklaces to a delicate ring you’ll love showing off, it’s sure to make a statement when the season starts to change.

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