Mar 23, 2017

Trendy Outfits for Your Pets

As far back as ancient Egypt, humans have decorated their pets with clothing and accessories. In fact, a decorative dog collar was even found in the tomb of an Egyptian nobleman, dated 1440 BC! In the time of King Henry VII, dog collars in silver, gold, silk or velvet were used to represent how many battles the dog had survived, which was a symbol of honor and strength. Additionally, in the Renaissance era, dog collars were often fitted with padlocks that only the owner possessed the key for. 

Flash forward to the present, and dog clothing not only denotes the care provided by the animal’s owner but as a way to honor the emotional support that dogs have provided to humans over centuries. Read on to discover trendy outfits for your pet!


Dress up your dog in a costume for Halloween, a special occasion, or a fun photoshoot! Humans have been photographing their pets in anthropomorphic scenes since the early 1900s, as evidenced by recently discovered photographs of bulldogs dressed in human clothing. 

Perhaps because of our innate need to relate to a principle of equanimity, dressing up dogs like us is endlessly entertaining. 

Remember those famous Weimaraners from Sesame Street, who baked bread and dined in restaurants like real people? Or the blockbuster film Air Bud, the basketball prodigy in sneakers and shorts? Dogs in human circumstances, not to mention human clothes, relates to our human instinct to feel bonded to our pets.


If a full-on costume sounds a little daunting and perhaps not a functional garment for your pet, add a little flair with classic dog bandanas. Tied like a French cinephile or an American cowboy, bandanas are a classic addition to any outfit, whether canine or human. Though cowboys used bandanas to wipe sweat from their brow or limit dust exposure, the bandana trend has seemed to transition to the canine world for the cute factor. 

Bandanas are the top accessory for dogs whose ordinary collar just won’t cut it. They’re great for big dogs who may seem unapproachable to those that are unfamiliar with the breed, as a simple little knot at the neck instantly makes a pup look friendlier. 

Easily identify your pet at the dog park with a unique bandana or tie one around your neck for a matching look! Not only will you appreciate sharing the same look, your best pal will love romping around as their owner wears a matching bandana!

Function Over Fashion

The most important thing to remember when dressing up your pet is to prioritize function over fashion. It’s imperative that your dog can move freely and relieve themselves without any restrictions. Dog clothes aren’t just cute, and their semblance to human clothes do not simply serve the uncanny factor. Smaller breeds are prone to catching a chill, so it’s important to make sure they’re warm enough in the colder months. Sweaters and jackets are common for tiny dogs to wear to avoid them catching a cold. 

Greyhounds and whippets are common breeds that catch colds because of their lean body fat. Much like horses covered in blankets, jackets and coats are available for dogs needing an extra layer. Hairless dogs that are prone to sunburns or dogs with a tendency to scratch themselves should wear a protective layer to ward off the elements—and what better way to do so than with style!

Dog fashion has seen a significant rise in the past few years. In addition to their own runway shows, designers like Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang have designed lines exclusively for dogs. Louis Vuitton collars and leashes are a prominent feature of lap dogs and chic breeds. 

The New York Pet Fashion Show happens once a year, in which owners dress up their pets to raise funds for animal awareness non-profit organizations. Owners will even match outfits with their dogs! When it comes to dog fashion, nothing is over the top. 

Reward Your Companion

What better way to spoil your pet than with the gift of style? Reward your sweet companion for all of the emotional support and happiness they give you with a trendy outfit that’s just as stylish as you are. From fun costumes to sweaters for warmth, bandanas, treats, and more, shop with innovative canine-centric businesses like WholeWoof for all of your pup’s needs.

Whether your pet is a small Yorkie or a large Goldendoodle, outfitting your best companion in trendy clothes is useful for more than just a stylish run in the park. Let your pup express its unique personality with their own wardrobe of fashionable gear!

Author Bio
Carl Turner is a freelance writer and dog owner from Los Angeles, California. Combining his love for his two Golden Shepherds with his passion for writing, he enjoys writing informative articles for his avid readers around the world.

5 Natural Ways to Remove Eye Bags Without the Hype

I’m confident we’ve moved away from those annoying advertisements touting this “miracle cream” or that “magical non-surgical procedure” that will rid us from under-the-eye bags many of us may experience. Whether it’s due to a lack of sleep, an overabundance of stress, too much work under those awful fluorescent lights, the solution to this dilemma won’t be found inside a bottle at a popular cosmetic counter with an overpriced cream or from expensive plastic surgery.

What our eyes are lacking is not chemicals found inside of a jar or underneath a surgeon's knife, but instead it’s how we take care of ourselves, naturally on a day-to-day basis. Dehydration and an overabundance of salt in our diet is almost always to blame for the build-up of baggage found underneath our precious peepers and other parts of our bodies.


When going to a spa (or seeing this experience), we often find ourselves reclining inside a luxurious robe and cozy slippers with cucumber slices applied to our closed eyelids. Have you ever wondered why this procedure happens and this particular fruit is applied in the first place? Well, it comes down to a concept of coolness and hydration used with this type of treatment.

Think of it this way, cucumbers are 90% water. If they’re chilled and then applied to our eyelids, the moisture found within slowly penetrates directly into this area of our sensitive skin, while the cold helps to reduce swelling. Voila, the puffiness we often see and bag-like presence is slowly reduced while we relax!


But this is only a temporary fix, similar to applying ice to a swollen area of our body due to an injury. This will lessen the bulge for a short while, but it needs to be applied continuously until the injury subsides and the healing process happens over time. But eye bags aren’t an injury!

On the other hand, hydration is not only a topical treatment, but it also needs to be induced internally as well (basically we need to drink more water). As mentioned previously, the intake of salt also contributes to the fact that sodium makes our bodies retain more water which leads to swelling and water retention that makes us uncomfortable, puffy and bloated (menstrual difficulties come to mind with this type of dilemma).

The eye professionals at Campus Eye Group have provided us with this important infographic that looks closer at better solutions for baggy eyes:

Mar 22, 2017

4 Simple Ways to Recharge Your Batteries in Nature

Our lives are fast, busy and they involve plenty of stress. We get caught up in our work, spending days in our offices and our batteries are slowly running low. The only way to recharge them in a healthy way is by spending some time in nature. Pack your things, gather some people and go unwind together for a day or two.


First of all, spending time in nature allows us to distance ourselves from electronic devices we are so addicted to. Therefore, it gives us a chance to unplug and forget about our obligations. Secondly, time spent in nature can lower our stress levels. Lastly, nature is highly beneficial for our health. One of the best sources of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, and you can’t get that indoors. This vitamin is essential because it helps maximize the absorption calcium and it promotes the health of our bones and teeth. Also, it can reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases. Additionally, fresh air will get your blood going, thus improving your blood pressure and the natural light improves our mood, normalizes our sleep schedule and makes us happier in general.


When you think about hiking the first thought that comes into your mind is getting tired and sweaty. However, time spent outside walking and climbing can actually recharge your batteries and improve your health. First of all, you are outside, soaking up the sun, increasing the vitamin D levels in your body and working out at the same time. Additionally, it helps you forget about your work and problems and lets you focus only on what is ahead of you. Not to mention all the health benefits of hiking, including lower risks of getting a heart attack, improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels, strong muscles and core and lowered anxiety and stress levels.


Camping with your family can teach your kids many useful skills, such as surviving in nature, respect towards nature, solving problems and cherishing time spent with family. Furthermore, camping will boost your exercise routine, because going camping usually includes exploring the surroundings, searching for wood and sometimes food. It might be hard sometimes to talk your kids into this, so make it as comfortable for them as possible. Small gadgets can help you ease the stress. So be sure to have at hand some of the useful Go Travel accessories, like a travel pillow, blanket, mobile single power bank or anything else you find helpful for surviving a camping adventure.

If you are camping by the river, you can swim and engage in other water sports. Also, spending time by the river can help you relax; you’ll be listening to the calming sounds of water and you can even bring a few comfy water loungers and relax in the sun.

Meditate Outside

Find a comfortable, quiet place in your garden, city garden or a park. The fresh air will refresh your lungs and clear your head, while simple meditation exercises will help you relax. Also, the sounds of nature, sun and light breeze will only boost the effect of meditation and your batteries will never feel fuller.

Family Picnics

If you spend too much time at work, it is time to unwind and spend some time with your family. However, instead of staying at home or going to the movies, you can do something more fun – a family picnic. You will all spend some time under the sun and fresh air, eating delicious food and healthy snacks. Also, you will get the opportunity to bond, play games you haven’t played for a while and you will manage to stay active. Running around with your kids, playing catch or simple talks will be beneficial for all of you and you will manage to forget about all the work issues, deadlines and stress for a little while.

Don’t get caught up in your work and only spend time inside. The more time you spend bonding with nature, the better you will feel. Take up some of these activities, connect with your loved ones and spend some quality time visiting your old friend Mother Nature.

How to Care for Sheepskin Boots to Stay Stylish and Warm

Are you a fashionable person who loves experimenting with your looks every day? Everyone shares a kind of love-hate relationship with the style quotient and this may fabulously be fixed with certain elements that may never go wrong. You can buy sheepskin boots or prefer a sleek silhouette having average heels to accessorize your everyday outfit. If you want, you can pull off something which is necessarily feminine or may appear carelessly tomboyish with the flat boots. To get years of service from your stylish boots, you need to care for it and maintain it well.


Boots can be bought carrying mid-calf length or to something which is mid-thigh to avoid the denim totally. Sheepskin boot has made its way into the fashion world since it offers a lot of benefits to the users. It is comfortable and much in vogue.  It is waterproof, warm, durable and perfect for the snow. The pair of boots can be worn anywhere you want and can be used as an everyday boot.


With the sheepskin boot, you may keep your feet warm during winters. The soft skin of the boots fit just like gloves. Acting like a second skin, it helps you to maintain the body temperature and keep you warm when it is winter. The natural wicking property of the wool may draw away the moisture from the skin. It is important to learn the maintenance tips and the ways of caring for the boots. By caring for the boots, you can make it last for years and thus it proves a good investment.


To learn how to care for your cozy boost, you can follow the steps below:

•    Before wearing the boots, apply water along with the stain repellant. Each brand will have its own stain repellent for the boots.
•    If the boot is dirty, touch up sheepskin boots with a good quality conditioner and cleanser. There is separate cleaner and conditioner for specific brands. First, dampen the boots and then apply cleaner and conditioner with the sponge. You can rinse with cold water and then dry the boots.
•    Use the suede brush in order to clean and brush dry the boots. To prevent your boots from damages, apply the brush in just one direction.
•    Use a damp cloth to wipe off stains. Not all the stains will need major cleaning. With the damp clothes, you can eliminate minor stains


•    If the boot is stained, use a wet sponge and wipe the area. To let the sheepskin boots hold the shape, stuff your boots with the white towel. Do not use a dark colored towel.
•    To remove salt stains from the boots, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the cup of water. The solution may be rubbed over the stains while the acetic acid dissolves the salt.
•    If there is oily stain, cover the area with the layer of baby powder and let that sit for 24 hours. The powder will absorb the oil content and then you need to brush away the powder.
•    Use special spray to waterproof the boots.
The number one care tip for the sheepskin boots is preventing it from getting wet. Do not dry the boots under any of the direct heat sources. To let the sheepskin boots hold their shape, stuff the boots with a tissue paper.