Mar 22, 2017

4 Simple Ways to Recharge Your Batteries in Nature

Our lives are fast, busy and they involve plenty of stress. We get caught up in our work, spending days in our offices and our batteries are slowly running low. The only way to recharge them in a healthy way is by spending some time in nature. Pack your things, gather some people and go unwind together for a day or two.


First of all, spending time in nature allows us to distance ourselves from electronic devices we are so addicted to. Therefore, it gives us a chance to unplug and forget about our obligations. Secondly, time spent in nature can lower our stress levels. Lastly, nature is highly beneficial for our health. One of the best sources of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, and you can’t get that indoors. This vitamin is essential because it helps maximize the absorption calcium and it promotes the health of our bones and teeth. Also, it can reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases. Additionally, fresh air will get your blood going, thus improving your blood pressure and the natural light improves our mood, normalizes our sleep schedule and makes us happier in general.


When you think about hiking the first thought that comes into your mind is getting tired and sweaty. However, time spent outside walking and climbing can actually recharge your batteries and improve your health. First of all, you are outside, soaking up the sun, increasing the vitamin D levels in your body and working out at the same time. Additionally, it helps you forget about your work and problems and lets you focus only on what is ahead of you. Not to mention all the health benefits of hiking, including lower risks of getting a heart attack, improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels, strong muscles and core and lowered anxiety and stress levels.


Camping with your family can teach your kids many useful skills, such as surviving in nature, respect towards nature, solving problems and cherishing time spent with family. Furthermore, camping will boost your exercise routine, because going camping usually includes exploring the surroundings, searching for wood and sometimes food. It might be hard sometimes to talk your kids into this, so make it as comfortable for them as possible. Small gadgets can help you ease the stress. So be sure to have at hand some of the useful Go Travel accessories, like a travel pillow, blanket, mobile single power bank or anything else you find helpful for surviving a camping adventure.

If you are camping by the river, you can swim and engage in other water sports. Also, spending time by the river can help you relax; you’ll be listening to the calming sounds of water and you can even bring a few comfy water loungers and relax in the sun.

Meditate Outside

Find a comfortable, quiet place in your garden, city garden or a park. The fresh air will refresh your lungs and clear your head, while simple meditation exercises will help you relax. Also, the sounds of nature, sun and light breeze will only boost the effect of meditation and your batteries will never feel fuller.

Family Picnics

If you spend too much time at work, it is time to unwind and spend some time with your family. However, instead of staying at home or going to the movies, you can do something more fun – a family picnic. You will all spend some time under the sun and fresh air, eating delicious food and healthy snacks. Also, you will get the opportunity to bond, play games you haven’t played for a while and you will manage to stay active. Running around with your kids, playing catch or simple talks will be beneficial for all of you and you will manage to forget about all the work issues, deadlines and stress for a little while.

Don’t get caught up in your work and only spend time inside. The more time you spend bonding with nature, the better you will feel. Take up some of these activities, connect with your loved ones and spend some quality time visiting your old friend Mother Nature.

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