Mar 23, 2017

5 Natural Ways to Remove Eye Bags Without the Hype

I’m confident we’ve moved away from those annoying advertisements touting this “miracle cream” or that “magical non-surgical procedure” that will rid us from under-the-eye bags many of us may experience. Whether it’s due to a lack of sleep, an overabundance of stress, too much work under those awful fluorescent lights, the solution to this dilemma won’t be found inside a bottle at a popular cosmetic counter with an overpriced cream or from expensive plastic surgery.

What our eyes are lacking is not chemicals found inside of a jar or underneath a surgeon's knife, but instead it’s how we take care of ourselves, naturally on a day-to-day basis. Dehydration and an overabundance of salt in our diet is almost always to blame for the build-up of baggage found underneath our precious peepers and other parts of our bodies.


When going to a spa (or seeing this experience), we often find ourselves reclining inside a luxurious robe and cozy slippers with cucumber slices applied to our closed eyelids. Have you ever wondered why this procedure happens and this particular fruit is applied in the first place? Well, it comes down to a concept of coolness and hydration used with this type of treatment.

Think of it this way, cucumbers are 90% water. If they’re chilled and then applied to our eyelids, the moisture found within slowly penetrates directly into this area of our sensitive skin, while the cold helps to reduce swelling. Voila, the puffiness we often see and bag-like presence is slowly reduced while we relax!


But this is only a temporary fix, similar to applying ice to a swollen area of our body due to an injury. This will lessen the bulge for a short while, but it needs to be applied continuously until the injury subsides and the healing process happens over time. But eye bags aren’t an injury!

On the other hand, hydration is not only a topical treatment, but it also needs to be induced internally as well (basically we need to drink more water). As mentioned previously, the intake of salt also contributes to the fact that sodium makes our bodies retain more water which leads to swelling and water retention that makes us uncomfortable, puffy and bloated (menstrual difficulties come to mind with this type of dilemma).

The eye professionals at Campus Eye Group have provided us with this important infographic that looks closer at better solutions for baggy eyes:

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